Red Remora - Felitaur Avatar バージョン 0.8b

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A 100% mesh avatar with complete animation overriders, texture appliers, a tinting HUD, speed control and a modder's kit!

*Only guaranteed to work with the default Second Life avatars and shapes. See list of partially compatible bodies below.
*This avatar uses animations to force unused bones into a specific shape to achieve a fluid spine and legs, which means you may need to relog after removing it. See included instructions.

*Lightweight, LOW complexity (6500)
*Various additional animations, all driven by a collapsible animation HUD and overrider
*Tail is hideable (may not work with other RIGGED tails due to atypical skeleton layout)
*SIMPLE and MIRRORED UVs for easy custom texturing, if you'd like to sell your own skin textures via the included texture applier
*3 running speeds, 4 ground sits

*All purchases from both the Marketplace and the inworld store get free updates to this avatar FOR LIFE!

PLEASE NOTE: As with all non-humanoid mesh avatars, rigged clothing will not work on the feline body unless specifically rigged for it.

All non-default SL bodies are NOT guaranteed to work with this avatar - HOWEVER, I've tested what I know of, and many work pretty well. All bodies listed below don't have conflicting joint positions, but they might require adjustments in their shapes to properly fit around the middle.

RED REMORA - FELITAUR AVATAR (DEFAULT SIZE) works with the following mesh bodies in their DEFAULT shape settings:
-Second Life Default Male
-Second Life Default Female
-Slink Physique
-Slink Physique Male
-Absolut Creation Adam
-Absolut Creation Eve (Slim)
-Utilizator Avatar 2.0
-Belleza Venus
-Belleza Isis
-Belleza Freya
-Belleza Jake
-Jomo Mesh Body

The following require adjustments to their shape:
-Absolut Creation Eve Pulpy - Belly is too forward, adjust Saddle Bags and Hip Length.
-TMP Female - Some hip clipping in certain animations.
-TMP Male - Some hip clipping in certain animations.
-Signature Geralt - Some hip clipping in certain animations.
-Signature Gianni - Some hip clipping in certain animations.
-Aesthetic Enzo - Too big for Default size, use Large size in Extras box.
-Aesthetic Smith - Too big for Default size, use Large size in Extras box.
-Krankhaus Kuroo - Hips clipping in most animations.
-Utilizator Kemono - The deformer (priority 6 animation) within the Kemono body heavily alters the position of the front legs. A work around is to use the No Leg Deformations version within the Extras box for Kemono, make a copy and delete the AO script inside. Unfortunately you'll have to recreate your shape to change the shoulders back. Working on having a custom deformer made.

RED REMORA - FELITAUR AVATAR (LARGE SIZE) works with the following mesh bodies in their DEFAULT shape settings:
-Second Life Default Male
-Aesthetic Enzo
-Aesthetic Smith
-Slink Physique Male

-!EVolved creatures! Scorpion Tail - The animations included in the tail's AO break the felitaur body. Could potentially work if anims were removed somehow.

If you have any questions or issues, or even suggestions, don't hesitate to send me a notecard! PLEASE try to contact me before leaving a negative review and I'll do anything I can to accommodate you, thank you!



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it is a really great and unique avatar base... with some problems.

掲載済み 2020/04/28 : 00 Python 3 星

-first of all it will likely be very difficult to find mesh accessories for this av because the creator has full control over who gets a proper dev kit for the av. you can make texture mods for days but good luck making fitted bags or anything.

-second while the majority of the lower body animations range from okay to excelent the upper body animations make me want to take up animation just to fix it.

-third no belts for the larger body.

finally, i feel like this body commits the greatest sin of all. no demo. i almost didnt get it because i couldn't see if it fit my av or if it looked any good. i couldn't see how it conflicted with some of my clothing (which it definitely does) i feel like if im spending more than 1000L i should have a demo. especially for something as complex and exotic as this. would i have bought it even with a demo? probably. but it doesn't take much effort to create a demo version of an item, and it would take a lot of stress off of the consumer if they know it works for them (i know in USD 2300 isnt much but some people don't like spending much money on SL)

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Nothing like it

掲載済み 2020/03/14 : Sollias 5 星

Amazing. No reason not to get it. Smooth mesh, natural-looking animations, easy to texture. Hoping for more animations and seam-hiding belts for all bodies in the future.

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Red Remora
Red Remora
販売元: Tornleaf

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  • 4.57 星 レビュー (21)

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