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The S2 Teardrop Banner is a realistic, stylish and versatile product with a ton of uses.

Use it to drag clients to your business, to tell everybody whats going on, to guide your visitors or just to have fun. Included is a great variety of options that works for pretty much anything, but there are couple easy ways to make your own! You can use the included decal surface to easily display your logo and tint the surfaces to your colors in a matter of minutes or even seconds, or use the easy to use PDF template to make your own custom texture.

This banner is easy to use, easy to customize and fun for everyone. A real eye catcher... its what is made for! It can be placed on the ground with the integrated floor stand or can hide the stand and stick it on the ground or strap it anywhere you want.... plus... it goes perfect with our canopy tent!

Some included presets: Auction, gacha, open, closed, start, finish, for sale, for lease, free, gift, join today, new, soon, updated, used cars, welcome and open house.

Make this advertisement icon part of your tool belt when you conquer the virtual world.

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  • 13 various presets included
  • Custom 1:1 decal for easy/fast customization
  • PSD Template for elaborate custom designs
  • 100% mesh, one prim each
  • Fully customizable - removable stand

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掲載済み 2020/02/21 : BillyFishCake 5 星

Perfect product for role-play sims, or even your store front.

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掲載済み 2018/07/17 : Kevin Huntsman 5 星

Amazing Job By Seb Again. Everything he makes is amazing.

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S2 - Roleplay, Live, Play
S2 - Roleplay, Live, Play
販売元: Seba Serpente

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  • 5 星 レビュー (4)

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