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EasyTextures is a tool to let you customise your creations. Thanks to a HUD, your customers will be able to retexture your creation as you wish.

It comes with 4 scripts, one script for the object, one for the HUD and two `.config` script. It's developed for any kind of objects, such as prim, sculpt, mesh clothes etc.

We’ve tried to make this texture changer as easy to use as possible but you will need some basic knowledge of object creation.

A demo is also available, it contains all the features of this full version. You are just not allowed to release any product or transfer the script to another avatar.


- It is fast, really fast. No matter how much instructions you have to apply.
- Materials are enabled. You can configure them as you want, per prims and/or faces.
- With one button, you can change multiple prims and/or faces
- Allows prims to be retextured using your own HUD
- Allows multi-attachments to be textured at the same time
- Gives objects, opens URLs, opens SLURL, sends group link in local chat, faces rotation (HUD)
- No link needed, you can put this script inside a single prim
- Full support for Meshes and Sculpts
- Multi Prims retexture
- Communications between objects and HUD are secure
- No delay between each texture change
- Optional click on the object to apply textures
- **NEW!** Now includes a DEMO feature. Your customer will be able to use your HUDs in-world before any purchase.
- **NEW!** You can now change the color of your object
- **NEW!** You can now change the brightness
- **NEW!** You can now change the glow
- **NEW!** You can now set a point of light. Useful for lamps!

Please visit to learn more about the product and how to configure it.

For any questions, you can contact Heyter Nitely and I will be glad to help you through the setup or for any general questions.

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  • Materials are enabled
  • No link needed, you can put this script inside a single prim
  • Gives objects, open URL, send group, open URL etc.
  • Communications between objects + HUD are secure
  • No delay between each texture change

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Great Creator of Scripts

掲載済み 2017/05/22 : Brajeet 5 星

He really listens to what helps, and updates frequently to make sure he has everything covered for us. Great customer support. which is just as import as a good product.
Thank you Heyter, this system ROCKS!!

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GREAT Script and even better customer service!

掲載済み 2017/05/06 : Chelsea Grigg 5 星

I know very little about scripts, but I gave this one a try because it does SO much, but it was a little more advanced for me to figure out on my own. However, I sent a notecard to the creator, and he quickly got back to me and helped me configure my scripts for well over an hour and kept answering my questions even longer than that and worked with me for many hours, even until the next day to make sure they worked in my product. He was very patient and kind, even as I messed things up. I had bought other scripts before this one, without even a notecard explaining how to use them, and no responses from creators, so this experience with Mr Nitely was very much appreciated. Buy this script! You won't be disappointed! Yes, it is may be more expensive than other scripts on MP, but you get what you pay for, and this one is well worth the money spent.

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販売元: Heyter Nitely

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