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Primus Weapons Spellfire Edition


Brown & Black Styles
Straight & Folded Sheaths
Spellfire Scripted Shield
Resizer Scripted Sheaths
Custom Animations
Scripted for the Spellfire Meter
Disable Script - If a new update is released we will disable this version and send you a new one.
Auto Updates For Life

*Glaive Melee
Damage: 6/7
Speed: 6
Range: 2
Accuracy: 8
Ammunition: Blade Melee
Block: No


/205 two handed sword draw
/205 two handed sword sheath

*Draw & Sheath Instructions

- In order to draw your weapon you can click on the sheath itself or make make your life easier and attach the provided hud. It will draw and sheath with a click of a button. You may also use the provided gestures or type the commands shown above.

- If you are having trouble using the gestures make sure you have no other gestures attached to that F key. A good way to look what you have attached it simply opening up your inventory, and typing active in the search.

- If you click your sheath in order to draw your weapon you will notice a resizer script popping up. Please follow the directions below in order to custom fit your sheath and remove the script.

*Attack Instructions

- To Attack hold down your left mouse button, use the arrow keys or your movement keys to dictate which attack you want. Left, Right, Back, Forward. With most melee weapons your back button will act as a block option from your opponents strike. These attacks will work in or out of mouselook.

*Primus Resizer Scripts

Please note: These are not yesterdays resizer scripts, these are brand new and produce zero lag, they are one script, you do not have to delete them, but if you so desire to, then please follow the short instructions down below:

1) Make a copy of the sheath you are about to resize

2) Touch the sheath while wearing it, use the blue menu to resize your sheath.

3) Touch the sheath again, use the blue menu to delete the scripts. Dont worry it wont delete your sheath script, it will only delete the resizer scripts.

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Primus Weapons
Primus Weapons
販売元: Thord Karu

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