ST-VOY Grid-Wide/Sim-Wide HTTP Networked Transporter System with RLV and Cargo Support! バージョン 3.03

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Check out these features:

* - HTTP peer-to-peer network based system! No landmarks needed! No notecards!

* - Rez and rename your destinations and you're ready to transport sim-wide! Place one TP Grid Server in each of your regions to create a grid-wide network with up to hundreds of destinations!

* - Create your own custom grid-wide transporter networks, including Bridging your transporter network with the networks of other specific avatars using the same system!

* - Automatically detects all public destinations in the region, regardless of who owns them, and adds them to your grid wide network!

* - Public, Group, and Owner Only security access modes both for the system and for individual destinations!

* - Pads and booths can be set to either Grid/Local or Local Only use. Default = Grid/Local

* - Any pad/booth can be set to Outgoing Only mode!

* - Turn individual pads On or Off! While Off, neither incoming or outgoing teleporting is possible!

* - Companion personal teleporter HUD has all the same features as the pads, PLUS Beam to Camera position!

* - Beam everyone (up to 16 avatars) within an adjustable radius of up to 10M from the center of the teleporter pads/booths or HUD user to any destination grid wide or within the same sim, including your camera position, while maintaining the relative positions of everyone in your party! Beam cargo at the same time, too!

* - Map-Free RLV Support eliminates the need to click the beam or select Teleport from the map screen! (requires RLV compatible client viewer, like Firestorm).

* - Particle effect beam at BOTH ends of the transport! Four different color-changeable beam styles, or no beam at all for superfast teleporting!

* - Default Kiosk Mode gives you a list of destinations instantly when you click the pad or booth! Or, set Kiosk mode to Off to present the full transporter menu!

* - Beam To Avatar by menu!

* - Beam Up Avatar by menu!

* - Beam to Surface!

* - Teleport to specific Z, XY, or XYZ coordinates within the same sim through a textbox or by typing "/beam2 x, y, z" while using the HUD!

* - Includes Copy/Transfer cargo beam script and sample cargo containers! (cargo can be transported sim-wide only)

* - Specifically designed for science fiction role play, complete with voice prompts and sound effects!

* - Linkable! Link the teleporter pads to any object, even vehicles!

* - The base texture for the back wall of the teleporter booths is white on black; so, you can change the color to your preference, and even coordinate with your beam colors!


* - Includes:
- Copy/Modify linkable one prim Teleporter Pad
- Large Teleporter Booth - only 5 Prims!
- Medium Teleporter Booth - 3 Prims!
- 2-Man booth!
- Small Single Teleporter Booth - 3 Prims!
- Teleport HUD with Color Change (for setting your beam and hovertext colors)
- TP Grid Server - 2 Prims!
- RLV Relay - Forced Sit and Forced TP (full perm)

* - User APIs installed so you can interface this teleporter system with other scripts!

* Entire PDF User Manual with FAQs available below!

Contact Life Camino if you have any problems or questions about the system. Have fun!

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  • Beam everyone within 10M of you to anywhere in Second Life
  • Four color changeable beam styles from which to choose!
  • Menu-driven with no notecards or landmarks needed!
  • Just rez, rename, and use!
  • Linkable! Link to other objects, even vehicles!

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Good Product and Scripting

掲載済み 2014/08/29 : Grooveshark101 5 星

This is much better than the nova tech system with more details and sounds and even a hud to my surprise. Life has done a great and amazing job with this transporter and I must say it is by far one of my top picks for a unit

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掲載済み 2014/02/10 : VivienneBalamori 5 星

Very easy to set up, nice effects, and a superb job all around.

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Life Camino

この商品はあなたまたは Second Life 内のフレンドに配達され、開封された後、使用可能になります。土地やサンドボックスは不要です。

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