Scripted Headset Mic バージョン 1.0

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The scripted Headset Mic can be used by Djs, Hosts, singers, teachers, security personnel, managers, Owners, etc.

you can change the mic channel and the mode say/shout, in addition to turn it off.

The greeter automatically detects the avatars within a distance that you can configure, and then send the greeting by IM.

you can customize 8 different greetings and choose one at a time so as to add the name of the avatar

To empty the list of greeted avatars, just take off the headset and wear it again

there are 11 differents colors to choose but if you want, the headset can be hide

you can too send pop-ups messages to a avatar in the same sim using one of tow methotds: Proximity or By name

Includes a hud to access menu without touching the microphone

Sculpted prims makes it look modern and sophisticated

You can restore factory settings in "menu options"

You can say your gestures using the channel 0.

- DJ/Host Microphone
- Shout/talk in chat
- Automatic and configurable greeter sim-wide
- Change color with 11 colors
- On/Off microphone
- Hide headset
- Send popup messages sim-wide
- Access the menu by HUD
- With sculpted prims
- More configurable options

Mic and HUD are copy/mod
scripts inside are just copy

Lifetime updates

If you have any questions feel free to send an IM to lNleoK Diabolito



  • Shout/talk in chat
  • Automatic and configurable greeter sim-wide
  • Change color with 11 colors
  • Send popup messages sim-wide
  • Hide headset

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It is perfect and very useful

掲載済み 2018/05/14 : Miyu Gant 4 星

This micro once you start to use it, you can not live without it, it makes your job easier by greeting you personally and at the same time you can see who arrived to welcome the job, it is very good and very useful ... my only drawback is that it has no package and in the case of a bug or that this is damaged, you can not get a new copy to restore it! It has already happened to me.

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love it

掲載済み 2016/05/20 : bman1992 4 星

i love this headset works great i highly recommend it my only minor wish is that when in the color menu there was a back button like all other menus but other than that awesome

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Eru NeoK
Eru NeoK
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  • 4.5 星 レビュー (4)

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