Skidz Skulptz - Door Designer V1.03 バージョン 1.04

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The Problem
Stop the build! I need a door..
Most of the doors on the marketplace are not textured, have missing elements, and are just fussy to work with..
and not one door is going to fit the entire build... I need at least 5..
and on top of all that I have to find a script that will work with this door... most don't even come with one..

The Solution
The door designer is your solution to all of these issues... Quickly drop out the door designer and with a few clicks of your mouse, you have a custom door that fits your build perfectly... because you designed it..
The Door Designer will add the flexibility you need to make your build truly unique.
Need something else? Downloadable PSD files help you generate your own textures quickly..
And with the door scripts being Fully mod you have total control over everything.
The possibilities are limitless....

How to use
1. Drop the "Skidz Skulptz - Door Designer" on the ground
2. Give permissions requested
3. Touch the door in the yellow areas to change the shape of it
4. Touch the door knob to change out the door knob
5. For double doors click double
6. To resize select the linked set and resize it all together
7. When finished click "Finished" button
8. Touch the glass on the side that represents the outside of the door

9. If you are happy with the shape:
Click the door knob, and from the menu choose "Lock Shape"

10. if you are not happy with the shape:
Click the door knob, and from the menu choose "Shape"

At this point you can apply textures at will by click the door knob for the menu.
You should wait to apply your textures or themes after you lock the shape, since locking the shape will reset the textures back to the default.

License Agreement
* You must change permissions on scripts, and objects to no trans for next owner.
* As the owner of the door designer, you are allowed to build places with it, and sell those places with the included doors, textures, and scripts.
* You are not allowed to sell or give away any of the textures, objects, or scripts by themselves, or as a package with others.
* It is OK to export the door and textures onto a private OpenSim that you administrate but the License Agreement apply there as well.

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  • Over 1800 Permutations
  • Double/Single Door Supported
  • 6 Door Handles
  • Several Textures and Downloadable PSD files
  • Weather Simulator

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Highly recommend !!!

掲載済み 2014/06/18 : Bagheera Kristan 5 星

This in and of itself is super marvelous. It isn't just "a door" but a beautifully finished solution :) And the customer support when you have questions or ideas is top notch!

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