Skye Pebble Beach Building Set

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I am proud to present this Beach Building Set!
This is the place you go to avoid the crowds, that only you and your dog know about! It's a bit pebbly, a bit sandy, a bit seaweedy - not perfect but full of character.

In the box:
In the box you will find 11 main beach pieces, waves, extra beach grass, extra rock, a seabed piece and sand/grass textures
See image for all pieces and shapes.

This is a naturally narrow beach but includes 'Tide Out' extenders to allow you to make a deeper beach.

Beach sections have a grassy bank which is removable if you want just pebbly sand.

Beach pieces are between 4 and 8 prims including rocks and beach grass. You should expect to use a few prims on a beach project but the detail is worth it!

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very very cool

掲載済み 2021/06/25 : Liebling Byron 5 星

I bought this today and I am very happy with it. It takes a while to get everything to fit together but I think I have acchieved more than the 90%. I like that fact that the waves can be stretched across the parcel and still look very cool. The one problem that I have is that my parcel is a corner parcel, so I have to work on the right angle. If anyone wants to come look.... just IM me.

I rate this 4,5 stars

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Beach Realism 100%

掲載済み 2021/06/21 : xxVi3perxx 5 星

I love this pebble beach building set its so cool was easy to put down once I terraformed my land being a new beginner on terraforming I do enjoy these items by the merchant to Make a realistic view for my parcel. 5 out of 5 star rating!

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販売元: Alex Bader

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