Skye Warehouse Loft Box

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I am proud to present this high quality warehouse interior space.

This is a full mesh build offering detailed modelling and texturing which makes extensive use of Advanced Lighting Model to give you an excellent level of realism.

This is a warehouse interior space - a detailed environment all ready for your imagination! Add furniture, gym gear, make it a store, make it a photo studio - go for it!

The space comprises a main area, deck area and corridor.

- This sky box is designed to be rezzed above ground to create a interior environment in the sky -

Key Features:
☑︎ Unique design
☑︎ Materials enabled
☑︎ Advanced Lighting Model enabled
☑︎ Integrated lighting system with access control
☑︎ Adjustable door system with access control
☑︎ City Scene changer
☑︎ Easy set up- no rezzer system to use
☑︎ High quality, low load texturing
☑︎ Ultra low prim count [Building - 22 prims]

Interior Space: 20.5m x 33m
Exterior Footprint = 35 x 38 meters
Or approx 24x33 meters with scenery removed


VISIT INWORLD! Highly recommended! Click link below.

PLEASE NOTE: This build is designed for Advanced Lighting Model. You can use it at lower graphics settings but some lighting effects will be lost. All images are unedited screenshots taken inworld SL using Advanced Lighting Model

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Great one

掲載済み 2016/10/19 : KiraShinx 5 星

I'm happy that i bought it. It's a stunning skybox and was one of the best i walked through while looking for a home i like.

The Included industrial greenhouse/garden thing is cool and makes this box unique and most interesting. Textures are looking great, wish they where a bit darker.

It has a few glitches:
- there is no coverbox ;c)
- there are pillar elements in the walls that are not aligned to the one on the other side (drives me crazy)

View it inworld!

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Excellent product

掲載済み 2016/10/15 : Hunter Whelan 5 星

Really happy I bought this.

All the key features are top-notch.

The interior wall texture in this model looks similar to the walls in my warehouse loft in Tribeca, New York, NY, except that the walls on mine are darker.

Love the deck area.

Follow the the creator's recommendation: view it inworld.
My recommendation: buy it.

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販売元: Alex Bader

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  • 4.79 星 レビュー (19)

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