Spider Transformation Spell HUD (boxed) バージョン M3-HUD

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[Standalone version for M3-HUD]

▶ Be a terrific witch or wizard and transform yourself into a scary spider and climb on walls or on any surface !
Gives to your character a crazy dark power with the greatest and easiest way to shape shift and move around as a real spider, let's scare your friends !

This transformation spell do not requiere to wear extra objects, only the M3-HUD. It will work with classic or mesh avatar, the only requierement is to be in a script and rez enabled area.

If you are a registered Ultima HUD user, you can find this transformation spell as an add-on for your HUD in the related items.


Simply wear the M3-HUD (right click it in your inventory and select "add"), by default it will be attached to "bottom left HUD".
This skill is already pre-installed in the HUD !


▶ Cast the spell ◀
Be sure to be in a script and rez enabled area, then simply click the spider icon on your M3-HUD to create an arcane circle at your feet and click it to sit on it and start transformation. Please note that if you have a RLV enabled viewer, sit is automatic.

▶ Controls ◀
While you'll sit on the arcane circle, you'll be transformed into a scary spider, simply use arrow keys to move around, use page up (or E) to jump.
You can climb on any surface, even vertical walls !

▶Stop ◀
To get back to your normal shape DO NOT stand, instead please touch the spider.


This spell is RLV (Restrained Life Viewer) compatible and offers many advantage if you have RLV active, it allow you to auto sit on the arcane circle for an easier and faster transformation.

To enable RLV on FireStrom :
Viewer -> Preferences -> Firestorm (General tab) -> Check the "Allow Remote Script Viewers Controls (RLVa)" box (the first box)-> Apply -> Ok.

If you didn't enabled RLV in your viewer prior to wear the HUD, please detach and re-attach the HUD to connect its RLV options.

It can happen that your avatar doesn't re-appear correctly when you stop the spell. If it happen, simply teleport out and back. Also if you bought this item before its January 2017 update, you are invited to contact us and a free copy of the latest version will be delivered to you in replacement of your old broken version.


If you have questions, experience delivery issues, or want a demonstration of the product, please contact Taisha Emerald in-world or start a live chat at :

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  • Transform yourself into a scary spider !
  • An easy way to shape shift with great FX in 2 clicks
  • Works with classic and mesh avatars
  • Spell cast & transformation via a simple HUD button
  • M3-HUD and skill installer included

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掲載済み 2020/03/13 : ZavrinaDelRay 5 星

Amazing product and creator!!

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掲載済み 2017/01/29 : tani Adored 5 星

Love it,,takes a bit to turn back,,but totally worth every linden,,,

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  • 4.75 星 レビュー (4)

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