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== Mk2 system ==: what's new ??
- fully automatic or drivable with group members
- mesh rails,
- teleporter system,
- mesh stations,
- single, dual & tramway rails, switchs
- tunnels & bridges

====== MESH inside ======

Stop to feel riding a washing machine, here is a new train concept with finally fluids movements.

It's not just a train. This is a complete kit holding all the material needed to build a functionnal track easily, the LEV is fully automatic or drivable, sim crossing, and could teleport itself everywhere in a sim: you can now create many levels of scene with that system.

this train + rails system allow you to create a low prim device on your sim.
for example, a track around 1 sim cost 40 rails, then 40 prims.
with lowprims mesh stations, markers and 1 train (58 prims), your train system will cost less than 250 prims,
less than others SL locomotives without rails.

it can be extend to several sims. This train is "sim crossing" compatible.

This LEV is fully automatic & drivable (for all Group Members).

in automatic mode, no pilot needed.
It adapts its speed when it arrives at the station. It stops slowly and opens doors to let passengers to take a seat (maximum 12 passengers), and then goes to the next station.
You can choose wich doors side you want to open depending on markers that you set. You can set three different speeds on any parts of the line and stop where you want.

in manual mode, you can drive it easily with a HUD,
this hud is tranferable to group members.

The "Rails Rezzer" train allows you to draw straight lines, curves, inclined curves, ascents and descents, and install markers.
You will use the machine to build rails included in this kit with an intuitive menu.
It is possible to build your tracks manually of course.

you can install "markers" with a Particular function when You Have finished your track:
- 4 markers to stop the train
--- Opening doors to the left or right
--- Opening all doors
--- Without opening the doors off
- 4 markers for regulating the speed of the train
-- - Low speed acceleration -> cruise
--- Acceleration cruise -> high speed
--- Deceleration speed -> cruise
--- Deceleration cruising speed -> low speed
--- Teleportation -> tp your lev everywhere in the same sim.

you can build several tracks on the same sim just by changing rails name.
It is possible to have multiple trains on the same track.

you can use it on SLRR tracks by changing the MISTRAL description name,
just write the SLRR rails name in.
(SLRR rails name is "Guide").

You can create your own textures for the train. PSD templates link is available in the box.
You can create your own stations without track modification.

You will be automatically notified of updates to this pack.

this box includes:
- 2 monorail trains (modify / copy / no transfert)
- 2 box of rails (sculpt é& mesh rails)
- a box of stations (on ground & pillar & a tunnel)
- a box of Bridges & tunnels
- a box with a .psd link for repaint your monorail
(psd is a photoshop file)
- an updater box
- and 2 Rails Rezzers: (sculpt & mesh rails) (will rezz rails for you ^^)

Mesh & Scripts : tania Bouvier.
Rails Mesh : bunnys Frides.
special thanks to hazart Monday, Rafaell Sorbet and ito Naminosaki, & all TBM fans.

=TBM= 2014.

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  • monorail system automatic or drivable(with group members)
  • sim crossing & teleporter system
  • mesh rails (single, double & tramway rails)
  • all in the box: rails rezzer system, stations, bridges, tunnels, ...
  • modifiable: create your own paint-job

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runs on slrr, but more complicated than worth.

掲載済み 2018/05/04 : Azrikam 2 星

cant control speed, cant make it stop at stations in auto. waste of my llindens in my opinion

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très bon !

掲載済み 2015/11/27 : CeliaooALT 5 星

Vraiment bien, un peu difficile pour moi l'utilisation du hud. Car il y a un tuto, mais bon pas français. ce qui me sert à rien . Cela aurait été plus facile de manière conventionnel. Mais on y arrive facilement au bout de quelques essais. La qualité du produit est là , fonctionne à merveille . Excellent item ! Merci :)

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=TBM= Motors
=TBM= Motors
販売元: tania Lacombe

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  • 4.25 星 レビュー (4)

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