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This is an enhanced version of the wellknown free TextureGiver in SecondLife. It is totally rewritten from scratch.
Use it for looking for your textures and photos. Make one for each category of them.
It is build newly from ground up by using mesh and state-of-the-art skripting.
It is totally free, full permission, opensource
It now has:
- only 2 LI at the same size as before because of using mesh
- only one script
- supporting displays with 16, 36 or 64 texture overviews
- access control for access by owner, group or all
- giving out uuid only on demand
- showing the tiling of textures by showing the texture 3x3 times
- using black, white or transparent texture background
- showing the page number

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  • TextureGiver showing 16, 36 or 64 textures at once
  • totally mesh, so only 2 to 5LI
  • only one script
  • access control, texture info, background change, tiling display
  • free use for your photos and textures

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掲載済み 2020/10/26 : Arlequin Carter 5 星

Un excellent produit, bien programmé et quasiment gratuit.
J'y ai ajouté 20 boutons de catégories et modifié le script.

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Thank you so much ♥

掲載済み 2020/08/04 : 0liveGreen 5 星

It's so nice ! this item made me so happy , i could sort out all my texture with it, it include several version, one is only 2Li ! it's just change everything to be able to sort out my favorite textures with this product! and the access restriction work fine too ♥

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M&M Deco - Schöner wohnen
M&M Deco - Schöner wohnen
販売元: Canis Canning

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