The Electrum Potion

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This potion can be used to move a soul from one avatar to another. You can drink this potion yourself, or you can splash it on someone else. Whoever drinks the potion or has it splashed on them is the one whose soul is being moved.

If you are drinking the potion, the avatar you wish to receive your soul must be within 20 meters and must agree to the transaction. The person who currently owns your soul does not need to approve or be present. The avatar you select to receive your soul will have to choose a soul to ransom back to your current soul holder in order to receive your soul.

If you are splashing the potion on someone else, then you are the avatar receiving their soul, and you must select a soul to ransom back to their current soul holder in order to receive their soul. The person you are splashing it on must agree to this transaction, and must be within 20 meters.

*** The Electrum Potion can only be used by each avatar ONCE every 90 DAYS. So use it wisely - once it's been taken, you will not be able to get your soul moved around during the next 3 months without the consent-based Soul Reaper.

Each individual potion can only be used once, so use it wisely.


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Liquid Designs
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