The Swimmer 2.06 from Waterworks - Swim in prim OR sim water.

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The original and best Swimming HUD in SL. Float Swim and Dive.

Swim the waters of Second Life! Just wear it - and it works - walk into water and you'll swim... Be it sim water - or primwater - ANY PRIMWATER. Get out of the water and it turns off. It's THAT simple.

Features include (many new and improved over the original)

Dive into water - just select a dive - OR ADD YOUR OWN.
Float on your back - just touch the float button.
Swim in Prim water - just walk in - works with Primswim OR SLwim water.
Zero buoyancy at the touch of a button - for people who enjoy scuba - or just want to float around underwater.

Add you own swims styles (4 included)


No need to change HUDs for pools that use SLwim water - and if your pool hasn't got scripted water? I've included a COPY/TRANS version of 'Primswim Lite' - so you can turn ANY prim into swimmable water - you can even use it in your own creations/products to make them swimmable.

Available in world at WaterWorks. Come down and try the FREE DEMO and see for yourself. beach bonanza

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  • Easy to use hud
  • Customizable animations
  • Works in sim water primwater primswim and slwim
  • dive jump float

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This is a nice hud for the price

掲載済み 2016/03/24 : Riley Ulrik 5 星

Works fine! I have been using it for a long time and so have many of my friends. We are always the ones swimming hassle free and more naturally than anyone else. People complaining about av height or getting stuck around the shore...... Well the water has to be deep enough to swim in. If you get into shallow water just tap the page up button to get you standing on the bottom. It's not rocket science people. I have never had an issue with height. Maybe if you are one of those seven foot plus tall avies I guess you may have an issue but if you are normal height you will be fine. This is way better than any free hud I have found. And you do not have to put some script in the water... Just jump in! True it does not have very many animations but if you are interested in normal swimming and not drowning then you will be fine.... If you want to be some sort of an Olympic competitor then yes you may want to look elsewhere.

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Dont waste your money

掲載済み 2016/03/13 : Tiggy3 1 星

The free swim HUD does the same thing as this expensive HUD. They both need a script put into the water prim in order for it all to work, and the script in the free Hud actually works better.

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販売元: Siggy Romulus

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  • 4.47 星 レビュー (299)

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