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.:[ Liquid Designs Affiliate Vendor Instructions ]:.

Thanks for your interest in setting up Liquid Designs Affiliate Vendors! Having Liquid Designs Affiliate Vendors on your land is convenient, attractive, and rewarding. For Bloodlines related products, you'll get to keep 3% of every sale.

.:[ CONTENTS ]:.

All of these 4 items come in two clusters of objects:

* 1 Affiliate Vendor Board (vendor board will include 1-3 vendors)

* 1 Update Terminal
* 1 Teleport Board
* 1 Key Grabber



In the same folder as this notecard, there should be two object clusters. One is your vendor board, the other is the Update Terminal, TP and Key Grabber.

*** The vendors are *NOT* linked to the sign that they came with. It might help to rez the vendors while already in "edit" mode; this will allow you to move them as a group initially. To do this, right-click any prim near the place where you want to rez the vendors, and choose "Edit". Then left-click and drag a vendor from the inventory to the ground. They should appear, with 1 or 3 vendors on it, depending on which set you're using.

If you were not already in "Edit" mode when you rezzed the vendors, then you will need to go into edit mode to move them, by right-clicking a piece and choosing "Edit". You'll want to move all the parts together. Once you are in Edit mode, shift + left-click the other 3 pieces. Once you have them all selected, they will all have yellow lines around them, and you'll be ready to move them around using the edit arrows. (The BL TP board is all one linkset, so you can move that normally).

When you rez the vendors, they will ask you for debit permission. Granting this permission allows the specific vendor you grant it to to move lindens from your account to our account. This is necessary in order for you to keep a percentage of the sale, and send the rest to us.

There also should be a Bloodlines TP BOARD to the right of your vendor set; this offers TPs to a few important Bloodlines locations. Next to that will be your UPDATER and KEY GRABBER GEM. These are explained more fully below.


The default state of your vendors is "Wood - S". If you click the backing board, you should get a blue menu, asking you if you'd like to change the Material, or the size. You can alternate from Wood to Metal, or resize from S to XXL.

*** Note - if you are planning on deleting the backing board from the vendors (to save prim space) be sure to resize the vendors FIRST, and get them how you want them, before deleting the backing board. Once you do, the vendors will not resize.

You have 3 options on the vendor menu:

1. Update: this forces the affiliate vendor to update its product, texture, and price information. You can use this if you believe your vendor information is out of date, for example, when we release new items and add them to the affiliate vendors. However, when we make changes, we will always attempt to update your vendors automatically.

2. Go Online / Go Offline: If you want to take your vendors offline, you can. When offline, no products can be purchased.

3. Info Card: When someone else clicks on your vendor, they will be delivered an info card about the product. Since you get the menu when you click on your vendor, you get the option on the menu to be delivered the info card.

GIFTING: Every vendor has a gift button in the lower left hand corner. Some vendors have next / previous arrows to cycle through products.

To use the vendors to send someone a gift:
1. Make sure you are within 10m of the vendor, so you can hear messages it whispers.
2. Touch (left-click) the gift button.
3. Speak the name of the person you would like to buy a gift for. Make sure it is their real second life name, NOT THEIR DISPLAY NAME.
4. Wait for the message that indicates that their key has been retrieved.
5. If you get the message that their key has been retrieved, and there is yellow text over the gift button indicating that the next product you buy will go to them, go ahead and purchase the product.

For more info, updates, and Bloodlines news:




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Liquid Designs
Liquid Designs
販売元: Mars Bracken

この商品はあなたまたは Second Life 内のフレンドに配達され、開封された後、使用可能になります。土地やサンドボックスは不要です。

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