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Fluffy Petter is a new spin on old head patting that allows for a more diverse range of options. With the included optional add-on bundle you can allow for head patting, tummy rubbing, boob/chest squeezes and rear grabbing. Fantastic particles and adorable sounds with additional silly leveling/rank system further adds to the fun.

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  • A very versatile head pat system that allows for many modifications
  • Change nearly all the text and even add your own custom character sounds!
  • Great animations and particle effects that completely screams adorableness!
  • Add-ons for tummy rubbing, chest touching, and even rear grabs!
  • A completely for-fun rank and leveling system

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best petter outthere :3

掲載済み 2020/06/10 : Azsharaa 5 星

This petter is just so adorable, lots of customization and features for such a good price, its worth every single penny.
There is also a combo system and pat crit.
Im already addicted to them petting, and you will be aswell.
The creator is also very helpful and nice, thank you for creating such a lovely product <3

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it's awesome and fast!

掲載済み 2020/05/18 : iSunnyFox 5 星

I actually super prefer this over the Chiyu headpatter, the script works way faster so its easier to get numbers and results, and the animations are super cute!

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販売元: Kidd Parx

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  • 5 星 レビュー (9)

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