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This is a great place to start in the world of virtual drum circling! Congas, a FloorDrum, A Tongue Drum, Bongos (Wearable), a Shaker (Wearable), and a Djembe make a complete ensemble! Add ANY other Thunk! drums and the possible combinations grow and grow and grow! 10 copies of our drums get into the millions of possible combinations. The sky is the limit! When you purchase this drum circle together, you save over $200from the price of the drums individually! Note: The drums only play when an avatar sits on them or wears them

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  • Save $$ on a great drum circle
  • 6 Instruments
  • Over 45,000 possible sound combinations with just 1 copy of each!
  • Plays in sync with other Thunk! Instruments
  • Rezables are copy, wearables are transfer

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The original!
full star full star full star full star full star 掲載済み 2024/06/28 : strum Philly

This pack comes with a mix of instruments, some wearable, some you sit on. They all play in sync with each other and with all of the new thunk drums, too!

Good enough
full star full star empty star empty star empty star 掲載済み 2021/11/24 : Djawn

Was a bit disappointing that you cannot wear the item and play the music with animations.
You can only rezz it in on ground to use. (if I am wrong, I will edit reveiw)




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Thunk! Musical Instruments
Thunk! Musical Instruments
販売元: Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth

この商品を開封して使用するには、Second Life 内の場所(サンドボックスなど)を見つける必要があります。

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