Trap Doors

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Primordial Source presents a series of interactive secret doors and traps.

Pull the torch on the wall, or push the hidden stone and a section of wall
creaks and groans and slides open.

Each secret door or trap was designed with realistic motion, sound effects and meticulous attention to timing.

All models can be set to work only for people in your group or on a list of allowed names.
This can be set by editing variables Access Control section of the script.

The secret doors with external triggers, eg: torches use a private chat channel to communicate
when the doors should open. If you have multiple doors within 20 meters of each other, you
should set them on separate channels by editing that part of the script.
Make sure to do this on both the door and the trigger object.

You will most likely want to re-texture the secret doors to hide them in your build.
This is done by editing the repeats and offsets in the Texture tab of the edit window.

These secret doors work best if they remain unlinked from your building.
Also, if you relink the the secret doors, be sure to keep the main door part as the root prim.

Midnights bells toll,
Breaking the silence,
Adventures unfold.

Wondering halls,
Feeling your way,
Will this night be your dismay?

What seems to be,
Illusions so many, Torches,
Books, panels a many.

Touch the wrong stone,
Fall to your fate.
Be careful your step, before it's to late.

Welcome to the walls within,
Torches and stone,
Even books shall do you in.

Trap doors never will be seen, all these and more are here for your pleasure.



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Trap Door. Singular.
full star empty star empty star empty star empty star 掲載済み 2020/08/01 : Lochlyn Dragonash

Despite the name of the item being plural, and the description implying multiple types of doors for your 350.. this is a single trap door. It's also ancient by now - but I was more interested in seeing the scripting they used in the various scenarios that they described. Unfortunately.. yeh, just one trap door example for 350. Congrats to the seller for getting overpaid in 2020.

works but not worth more than 100L
full star full star empty star empty star empty star 掲載済み 2013/08/05 : MissCandySteel

its ok but nothing worth 350L




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Gypsy Paz
Gypsy Paz

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