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The Tredpro Eightpoint is a faithful recreation of the Famous 8 point hat worn by police officers around the world. The Tredpro Eightpoint features 9 different hat colors, 3 middle-band colors, and 3 strap colors. The hat also allows you to use your own badge along with the great looking sculpted one. The had is modify and includes a built in resizser (Single script) for a perfect fit.

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  • 9 Hat Colors
  • 3 Middle Band Colors
  • Built In Resizer
  • Custom Badge

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Was hoping it was actually modify...

掲載済み 2018/08/29 : Nerxual Oh 2 星

I love the point click hud system, able to hide the badge or band and whatever. There's even a texture to make your own badge? But its sculpt, and those are my worst nightmares to edit. Even worse is the fact that it's not modify at all!

I wanted a cheap, good looking police hat to make purple. Now I wasted L$95 on something I'm not ever going to use due to false advertising on permissions. I can't even take it apart to use the badge.

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4 Years in second life and still is the best one out there!

掲載済み 2015/01/31 : Spongebob Frakture 5 星

If you are in doubt about buying this hat just because its "Old" and "Out-dated".....Ignore its age.
This hat has so many cool features built in it, the textures and sculpt are both well made, and its price is nothing to be afraid of, i purchased this and i have 0 regrets.
Anyway, if you are looking for a hat for your roleplaying, buy this one!

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Astaro / Tredpro
Astaro / Tredpro
販売元: ac14 Hutson

この商品はあなたまたは Second Life 内のフレンドに配達され、開封された後、使用可能になります。土地やサンドボックスは不要です。

  • 4.33 星 レビュー (6)

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