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This is the DEMO Package for the Full Featured Viva Mesh Avatar . . .

This is one amazing mesh avatar. Over 150 items in the package: Master HUD with every feature imaginable

You get a Master HUD which is loaded with features and handles nearly any task you need to make your avatar look the best.

It includes Second Life most powerful and versatile application of the new Bakes of Mesh system. No need to switch from avatar to avatar. By the click of a button, the Viva system makes your avatar fully Bakes on Mesh compatible.

It handles advanced materials and physics with chest, belly & butt dynamics. Body shape is controllable by Appearance Sliders. You can drop scripts into mesh items you are wearing to control coloring, shininess, etc. It has an auto loader for alphas. It includes a fingernail and toenail designer and much more.

Overall, you'll find over 150 items in the package. The Level 3 program is priced at L$ 3,500, the cost of a medium sized pizza. With all that you get in the package, it is an incredible deal.

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  • Beautiful mesh body with physics & Appearance Slider Adjustable
  • Master HUD with dozens of functions to make your avatar look the best
  • SL's most powerful & versatile application of the new Bakes of Mesh system
  • Mesh controllers, auto loader, unparalleled help system
  • Over 150 items in the purchased package

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My favorite body

掲載済み 2021/07/08 : MinniF 5 星

I have tried a number of 'not too expensive' bodies since my SL birth 16 months ago.
Viva is where i am going to stay - even if it means scrapping a load of mesh clothes, I bought for other mesh bodies.
When not doing scripting (mostly animesh characters), I have spent quite some time trying to make myself look just like my pretty 18 year old RL self. Now I am getting very close with the skin and alpha head and clothes of my own design and your nice Viva body.
Why don't you use the popular freebie stores to promote Viva (the way Altamura, e-Body and Vixen are doing it)? You need the customer base to attract mesh clothes designers. During my 10 months as Altamura I have experienced their success, so most of the clothes I now throw away is designed for Altamura:-)

ONE small problem I'm having are the frequent 'Stack/Heap script error messages' generated by your 'Sock Layer Receiver'?

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Amazing mesh avatar

掲載済み 2021/04/15 : Delfynn 5 星

The picture on the store doesn't make that mesh avatar justice, with a nice skin it can look really amazing, and on the same level than the ones from the big brands.
I'll be honest, when I created my alternate avatar I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it, at least not as much as on my first one, so I chose this mesh because it was free. But now that I've used it a bit, I love it! I'm not a big fan of the provided mesh head, but it's easy to find a cheap alternative elsewhere.
The hud is indeed intimidating, but all mesh avatars have complicated huds. What I love with this one is that you have a quick tutorial that guides you step by step to set up your avatar and understand the different options. Besides on each tab there is a help button that quickly gives you an overview of the options, and buttons to click if you need more details. In the end I think it is one of the easiest ones to use.
The big problem is of course to find mesh clothes for those avatars, as most designers only do clothes for the big brands. With some practise I found out that most mesh clothes designed for the classic avatars, in sizes M or L, work best. Even then sometimes I need to use the alpha tab to hide a few bits of the avatar, but in the end it looks good. Using the hud you can create an object that remembers the alpha configuration, and if you add it to the outfit it will automatically adjust the alpha layer for you each time to wear the outfit. Neat!

I understand that it would be difficult to sell this mesh avatar at L$3500. I wouldn't have considered it if it where that expensive. But now that I know it I wouldn't hesitate to buy it at that price. There is a lot of work put into it and small creators should be supported. Keep up the good work and I hope it will take off! Definitely recommended

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Viva Mesh Avatars
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