Vehicle Inspired by: Star_Car

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Vehicle Inspired by: The Last Star-Fighter
Star_Car! 100% Custom Mesh Creation!
Created by: Tempest Inc. content creator
"Henrybro Resident"

Vehicle Features:
NOTE: No extra HUD's needed, the vehicle works as is. Use built in functions menu of the car, special features are either chat command, or automatically activate for usage. XD

* Star_Car Sits Pilot + 2 Extra Passengers

* High Speed Racing Action
"Easy to Control"

* Optional "Tokyo Style" Drifting

* Easy Incline Function
"For Steep Climbs"

* Dusting Effects, Tire Trail, & Burnout

* Four Open / Close Hatch Doors

* On / Off Head / Tail Lights

* Star_Car Transformation to Star-Ship Mode
"Flight / Hover" [ Hides wheels, & opens back of vehicle to show the rocket jets with green flame effects ]

* Star_Car INTRA-SIM Warping
Built in with "chat command activation"

* Star_Car Boat Mode
Automatic switches on "upon entering water"

* Star_Car Security Mode
"With auto eject intruder, & security alarm"

* On Rez Intro
"Greetings Star-fighter"

* Full Theme Music
"Heroes March"

Land Impact of just 58 LI.

Price: 600L

& As always, be sure to check us out in world second life, for our Complete lineup of Products!

Tempest Inc. Creations Company, their products, or actions, are in no way intended to infringe upon any real world copyrights. All products are original designs, any resemblance to real world objects is purely coincidental, and is in no way meant to infringe upon any rights. All Linden Dollar proceeds from sales are used to sustain production, & maintain Shop rental costs.

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  • Quality Mesh Vehicle Star_Car Sits Pilot + 2 Extra Passengers
  • High Speed Racing Action + Drifting & easy climb
  • Flight Transformation to Star-Shop Mode
  • Automatic Boat Mode + chat command Intra-Sim Warp
  • On Rez Intro + built in full Heroes March Star-Fighter Theme music

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What an extremely kewl ride!

掲載済み 2020/01/01 : daenerysmikaelson08 5 星

I had never actually seen the movie this was created off of design wise, I wanted to see it first before buying it. I watched the last star fighter movie, and loved it. It was so classic science fiction fun, great story also. I love the car in the movie, and Tempest made it so dang authentic looking.

Wow, it's awesome! No matter if land, sky, or sea this is your best car to use for anything. Love the design, love the special extras, and modes. Hands down your satisfaction is assured, so grab one of your own. You won't be sorry to own this jewel of a ride, highly recommended to all.

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販売元: Super Jansma

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