-W-[ Road Path ] Flagstone Road Pack (mod/copy)

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..:: LAST CHANCE ! ::..
This item will be retired and removed from Wyndaveres as we re-brand and rebuild.
..:: JANUARY 2020 ::..
This lovely multi-colored flagstone road, path, walkway, is the perfect path to lead your friends and visitors to the doors of your home or around your entire sim.

mod/copy includes no transfer textures. plus pre-built road sections.

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  • custom textures
  • multi sectional
  • straight and curve pieces
  • comes with textures for personal use
  • high quality

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Beautiful Textures!

掲載済み 2013/04/18 : I3AGIRA 5 星

I"m really like it! Very comfortable in use and lovely idea!

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Beautiful quality in Textures

掲載済み 2013/03/07 : Adria Fallen 5 星

There is great quality put into this product. I am very happy with the product and it has met my needs. What really suprised is the quality of the textures. This is must have if you are one those that likes paths between buildings. I give this product more then 5 stars if I could.

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Wyndaveres ~ Photo Album, Home decor, Mesh, HUD Youth & Doll
Wyndaveres ~ Photo Album, Home decor, Mesh, HUD Youth & Doll
販売元: Wynd Ling

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  • 4.75 星 レビュー (8)

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