Xah Who Killed Me Hud

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Xah Who Killed Me Hud is a hud that tells you who killed you in Second Life damage enabled regions.

Never wonder who did you again. Get their names for sweet revenge.


• Detect melee weapons, landmines, grenade kills, fire kills, as well as bullets.

• One click link to view killer's profile.

• Automatic new version update check, given to you free when new version is available.

• Scritped by a professional programer with 10+ years experience.

Free Demo

For a free demo version, get it at: Xah Who Killed Me Hud Demo.


Wear it. (Right click on it in inventory, then select Wear. Or, you can select Attach To Hud or Attach To body.)

When you are killed, the hud will tell you in chat who killed you, the kill prim name, and its speed.

Affiliate Vendor

Get a free vendor at
Xah Who Killed Me Hud Vendor.
You get 20% for each sale. Buy from the vendor yourself and save 20%.

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