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Mimics the popular 22 dance step, 4 wall Electric Slide Dance. The term "wall" or "4 wall" means that the dance cycles and faces all four directions at times as does the original dance - which means north, south, east, west, but of course in the order that the original dance goes and not in the order we just gave in this description.

We have updated our software here a few times now. The latest software version was very recent (January 18, 2012 - today's date) and was done to make the dance software even more resilient to problems which might include even minor system crashes. And also, the owner can use some simple commands in the chat channel (IM channels will not work) that do the following:

/1 sync (re-syncs all of the dancers to the starting point)

/1 reset (resets all of the dance balls, the master and each of the other dance balls as well.

Each provide a sync to ALL dancers each 11 seconds. (this does on the original require someone to use the red ball). While no sync is guaranteed in SL since SL often has housekeeping and can create delays, especially during lag times, this rapid sync should help to keep most if not all dancers in step.

For our popular original version one must use the red ball in order to get four dance directions. While the newer 25 multi-ball versions (-2 and -3) have a gold ball that does contain the master controls, it is colored gold mostly to indicate direction for the start to help you in placement if you wish it. And please note that the start may not be on the side where the gold ball is, but it still can be a help. There is no need for someone to have to use that specific gold ball or any other for four way sync. So usage is even easier on the new - just grab a dance ball and "dance". The new version also includes some owner commands and feature options.

SAFETY additions - The invisible ball problem. What you might ask? One of the biggest script issues we have faced with this software was ensuring that dance balls would not go invisible when they should be visible for customer usage. Well, our version 2 would try and ensure that even if an avatar left without "standing" and stopping the animation, that the ball would still go visible again for the next user - even if the avatar teleported out or went offline. Well, one would think that would fix things. lol. But we still found occasional issues of invisible balls. Partial sim crashes? We do not know. However, the new version 3 checks each ball's status for being visible or invisible every time a new avatar joins or if the owner uses "/1 reset". So, we believe this version -3 adds even more protection for you just to have fun, and let the software do the work. Or at least - that is our goal here. At this point we have had years of experience in SL scripting and we also write software in real life as well. So we hope that you will like what we have.

So, we improved the animations via software we write ourselves, and step by step checking and accuracy cleanup, plus added features and better custom script, and kept the original for those who prefer it, and we have kept the price at its original low cost. We were proud of our old version, but we really do love our new custom scripting for our line dances and are even more proud of that!
The new version does allow copy, in order to allow a new version to be rezzed if need be.

Hope you like it! -
Hunter Bronet, for OnP OnP Owl and Pussycat in SL Tissela and also on SL Marketplace

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  • Four directions
  • Updated recently for more accuracy
  • synchronizes start of each segment for all
  • updated also for more resilience and problem prevention
  • previous models included in package for those who prefer them

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掲載済み 2021/02/15 : Soloes 1 星

Dance is awful. Balls are nice but dance is just bad

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掲載済み 2010/03/10 : Dezzy Lane 3 星

Fun when a bunch of people get together.. nice

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OnP Owl and Pussycat
OnP Owl and Pussycat
販売元: Hunter Bronet

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