[croire] Decorated Dead Tree (Customizable colors, polaroids to add your own picture, poses) Grunge, dark, goth decor

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Hanging from these broken tree limbs are slowly spinning stars, hearts, and polaroids. You can drag your own full perm pictures into the polaroids. Hang your favorite memories up!

Cick the stars and hearts to open a color change menu and mix and match! Hang out with friends on the picnic blanket, rest your head on the pillows (click for color change menu) and sit on the three poses made by me.

The picnic blanket also has 5 blanket textures as well, click it to open a menu!

Resizable if needed.

It also comes with a tree without the blanket, if you wanted to put it inside or somethin'.

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  • comes with and without picnic blanket, so suitable for indoors as well
  • add your own snapshots to the polaroids
  • many color change options
  • custom poses made by me
  • mod, so resize it if you need to

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掲載済み 2020/12/30 : artslothred 5 星

beautiful work, wonderful to see you on MP!

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Great Product...

掲載済み 2012/11/11 : Shiny Fae 5 星

This is such a cute tree and can make it your own with putting photos on the tree. Its is a simple way of making your outdoors slightly kawaii, esp if you have kids.

I would tell others to buy this and love it as much as i do and honestly its at a price you cant beat!

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販売元: Emily Kaestner

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