::jAS:: FREE Scripts Pack

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::jAS:: FREE Scripts Pack

Whats is ?
Pack of 45 full permission Scripts !

- Basic Rezzer Script
- Linked Door Script
- Glow Night Particles Script
- Mist Particles Script
- Lazer Script
- Invisible Prim Script
- Speed Fly Script
- Type Fast Script
- Deluxe Tipjar Script
- Door Script
- Deluxe Door Script
- Dance Floor Script
- Color Menu Script
- Cigarette Smoking Script
- Collision Script
- Bouncing Script
- Join Group Script
- Text Color Changer Script
- Timer Set Scale Script
- Notecard Giver on Touch Script
- Play Sound Script
- Random Number Script
- Slide Door Script
- Door Script add Sound
- Torch Particles Script
- Ribbon Particles Script
- Rainbow Colors Changer Script
- Bomb Smoking Script
- Snow Particles Script
- Walking Script
- Rotate object Script
- Timer Color Changer Script
- Flashing Light Script
- Floating Text Script
- Get Distance Script
- Look At Script
- Change Object Type Script
- Color Vector Giver Script
- Random Color Ghange Script
- Random Say Script
- Repeat Message Script
- Find Height Script
- Get Position Script
- Get Region Script
- Landmark Giver on Touch Script

Terms and Conditions:

-You're not allowed to sell or give away any script or object from any package with copy and transfer permissions.

-you can sell any script or object from any package with no-copy or no-transfer permissions as a part of your product.

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掲載済み 2020/02/03 : Drew Blaisdale 5 星

thanks for these, perfect scripts.

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Exactly as described

掲載済み 2020/01/25 : Lilith Sablatnig 5 星

I've not managed to test/work my way through all the scripts included. However, I am using the door script and for that alone, I give 5 stars. Best door script that I have found, which is very clearly annotated and written up. I finally managed to door! No idea why other people are giving this bad reviews. Perhaps it's their first time buying scripts en masse. You get a notecard, open it, the scripts are listed there, click a script, it's now in your inventory. Simple!

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::jAS:: Fresh Script
::jAS:: Fresh Script
販売元: JulietteAlten

この商品はあなたまたは Second Life 内のフレンドに配達され、開封された後、使用可能になります。土地やサンドボックスは不要です。

  • 4 星 レビュー (14)

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