-lou- Dice Popper 1.1. demo バージョン 1.1.3

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Demo is fully featured, but expires after 15 minutes.

Add the element of chance to your events—or just have some fun! Click the popper to roll anywhere from one to nine six-sided dice: the dice will pop up into the air, rattle around, and once they've settled the popper announced the total in open chat (along with who rolled, how many dice were in play, and optionally whether anything like pairs or straights turned up). Great for games, events, and contests!

Click the base to change options at any time. The popper features 10 different colour combinations. Key features can be limited to just the owner, and while the popper is no-mod, it *can* be renamed and resized. Although it can be made smaller, the default size of this item is about 2.8m across: it's funpark sized, *not* desk or tabletop-sized.

Land impact ranges from 2 (no dice) to 11 (nine dice), Dice can be configured to auto-delete after an interval.



  • Rez and roll up to nine six-sided dice
  • Select between 10 dice/popper colour combinations
  • Roll results appear in open chat; pairs, straights, etc., can be included too.
  • Control access to key functions (rolling, resizing, changing colours, etc.)
  • No-mod, but you can rename and resize the popper.

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Lou Netizen

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