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[sau] Proudly Presents: 1930

For higher quality snapshots, please check :https://www.flickr.com/photos/149739560@N05/

By clicking "Add To Cart(As Gift)" or "Buy Now" button. You agree you have checked the DEMO in-world and read the description carefully, and willing to ask and respond me(NiR McBride) for further customer service. I provide very friendly customer service since 2008 that will definitely satisfy you. The purpose of this policy is only for smoother customer support .

[sau]1930 is an achievement of our 10 years of creations in second life. It brings the quality of SL vehicles to the new level.

It's a masterpiece for our honorable customers. The shine on the body is a symbol of luxury. Not only do we focus on the appearance, we also focus on the vehicle's performance to make sure that you will have an extraordinary driving experience. It's definitely a proof of our highly skilled quality workmanship.

Starts from L$19999, the following options are available:

At no charge:
- You can request for a custom mesh chrome name tag on the side of the hood after purchase.
- You can request for a custom license plate.
- You can request for an additional pose.

With some extra charge:
- Custom color/paintjob starts from L$10000
- Setup custom reflection environment for your showroom.
- Want more? Please feel free to enquire.

[sau]1930 will never join any kinds of discount promotion.


- Introducing Real Time Reflection Technology.
If you enabled "Advanced Lighting Model" in your viewer, you'll see the shine on the body moving from different camera angle. No special viewer required.

- Includes a car cover made for this car.
- Includes a mobile garage for this car.
- Includes a serval cat (Leptailurus serval).
- Includes a backdrop for displaying this car.
- Includes a carpet for this car.

- Materials enabled. Projection lighting enabled.
- Full seamless custom made animation set.
- The door can be opened and closed.
- Custom made engine sound set.
- Physic shell, Low-lag, Low-graphic ram usage, High quality

- Camera settings

- Lifetime updates 


- Resizable and all animation positions are adjustable. 


- Lockable
- Passenger seat script.
- Garage kit vol.1, Short Combat boots,

The [sau] Guarantee: No illegal model used.You get 100% legal,original stuff !
Real life model car was used when creating this item.

Online Manual,Troubleshooter and FAQ:

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/sau/128/128/0
Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/17260
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/149739560@N05/

Flickr group pool: https://www.flickr.com/groups/2172327@N24/pool/
Blogger manager: JamaicasianBaby Resident

[sau]Online troubleshooters/FAQ: http://www.nirmcbride.com/2012/12/saufaq.html
[sau]New releases: http://www.nirmcbride.com/2018/04/new-releases.html

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Absolutely brilliant!
full star full star full star full star full star 掲載済み 2019/06/24 : Greg Timmerman

Are you looking for something better at a lower price? You will not find! Absolutely the best old car in Second Life! Unique design, great details, works great as a decoration and driving! In addition, very nice support from the owner. I would highly recommend, thank you!




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販売元: NiR McBride

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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