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There's always someone who this mask is perfect for. It was created for that person who's drama royalty like no other and deserves only the best to protect their visage.

Inspired by the classic theatre's Comedy and Tragedy masks, this design incorporates the two into one unrigged unisex mesh design. Whether you're a sarcastic rogue who makes light of everything or a brooding tragic who only sees the darkness, this mask will be the perfect accompaniment to your varying moods. It includes Brass, Bronze, Gold, Gunmetal, Iron, Obsidian, and Silver versions so that you'll be sure to have something to match your outfit.

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  • Three prim unrigged mesh design.
  • Materials enabled for a realistic feel.
  • Includes Brass, Bronze, Gold, Gunmetal, Iron, Obsidian, and Silver Versions.
  • Unisex.

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販売元: Remnant Ashbourne

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