販売元: Eudora3D
登録日: 2013/03/16

Eudora is the artistic endeavor and personal brand of a one man band creating 3D models for your SL, with the help of Duchess Flux as Brand Manager. All mesh models are unique, protected by copyrights, exclusive to Eudora3d, and always modeled from scratch using HQ original textures. Every single detail is given the utmost attention as I want to be sure you enjoy each and every item brought to the grid. Welcome to Eudora.


If you have any problem with our products contact Eudora3D via notecard and we will answer you as soon as possible.
All our products have a free demo version and are copy so there is no refund once you buy them, feel free to try all the demos before purchasing them.
For more about our store policies visit our blog.
Thanks for your atention.

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