Pink Cream Pie -  Clothing for Maitreya, Petite, Legacy, Reborn
Pink Cream Pie - Clothing for Maitreya, Petite, Legacy, Reborn
販売元: Vaygah Varriale
登録日: 2007/10/22

High Quality 100% Original Mesh clothing for women created by me - Vaygah Varriale :)

Currently creating for Maitreya, Petite, Legacy and eBody Reborn.

You can view the latest releases that are waiting to arrive on marketplace on my Flickr ♥

I am currently working on updating many products for eBody Reborn and will slowly add them to older products every week. ♥ This does not mean that all products will receive an update, but many of your favorites will!

Currently working on updating for Reborn as of May 2022
• Cris and Adria
• Iris
• Nicki
• Tara and Dolly
• Titania
• Janet
• Vega
• Nova
• Avielle
• Brandi
• Serena

Please let me know if there's a particular item (so long as it isn't retired) that you're hoping I'll update in an IM in world ♥

Some older items may contain products for Slink and Belleza. Only select products from the past have gotten updates to newer models. To be sure, please always try a demo before purchasing ♥


Please always try a demo ♥

Due to the nature of digital goods, I cannot issue refunds except where double purchases are concerned.

If you need any help, please message me, Vaygah Varriale, in world. I'm just one person, but I'm happy to help if I can! I endlessly pour my heart and soul into each product and I want to personally thank you for shopping at Pink Cream Pie!
♥ Vay

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