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We create the finest tech solutions for real class-experiences inside Secondlife.

VR-TECH cutting-edge offerings continue to advance market standards and exceed client expectations.
Founders: Puzzlemagnet & Gordon Petrovic

All enquiries and support should be directed to Puzzlemagnet or Gordon Petrovic via NOTECARD in-world as IM's get capped. Alternatively you can send an email to vr-tech@hotmail.com

We are a passionate team innovating the extraordinary with a commitment to excellence
We embrace every challenge as an opportunity to engage and inspire our creative culture
Together, there isn’t a problem we can’t solve

© Copyright VR-TECH, Virtual HI-TECH quality products for Second life - All Rights Reserved.


Please read carefully the items description. For any questions before buying contact Puzzlemagnet or Gordon Petrovic

Refunds are not possible on copy products.

VR-TECH items come with life-time free updates

VR-TECH customers are granted all-week technical support

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