Thunderchild Gallery Workshop
Thunderchild Gallery Workshop
販売元: Thunderchild Allen
登録日: 2007/01/31

I'm currently setting up the KOCK Pit in Milda along with some new products and rework products. I’m being picky, which means I’m taking my time to get it just so. This is a 2D display shop.
After 2 years, I’m re-organizing the first two years of products and parcels. Clothing items will have a “Starter” package for each garment and each model that’s available. You’ll only need to get the garment once and there will be a growing set of HUDs available for it. I’ll be working to create the Starter Packages first with their demo sets.
Anything you buy now will get updates with information.
I’m making real-life as well as Second Life products as I update SL products. My goals are to match my products between SL and RL as much as possible. I’m juggling several things, but I’m not stressing on any. There is information in world at the landing for Milda and around the site of what I’m working on.
Do feel free to contact me if you have questions, comments or want some custom textures. Find Milda or Triasm in your map and TP. Milda is the center of the region. At Triasm, take the portal on the left.
-----------Imagination, is the only weapon…


There are free demos of the clothing for you to test before buying an item. There are basic test patters for the demos. Some have been updated for textures. I’ll have more versatile demos out this year.
There's no refunds in SL.
A TOS and License(s) are included with purchase.
Current documents are at

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