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I am making...
Japanese / fantasy / flowers / bridal / wedding / Kitsune / bouquet / head dress / hair accessories / horror / yokai
and so on.


◎I do not accept refund.
◎ I do not accept returned goods.
◎ If you missed item by lag or Linden's error,send the notecard with Transaction history to taiko McCaw.
◎ If you lost items, I don't support these things.
◎ If you have any question, please send notecard to taiko McCaw.
◎ラグやリンデンのエラーで商品が届かなかった場合は、取引履歴をノートカードに記載のうえ、taiko McCawまでお送りください。譲渡可能の商品に関しては、ご希望に添えな

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