Nano Station Technologies NaS-T
Nano Station Technologies NaS-T
Sold by: Artorius Constantine
Joined: September 14, 2008

Role Play Props, Animesh, NPC's and specialty RP HUDs. Comedy, sci-fi. cos-play, alien, tentacle, Steampunk and more. Animesh NPCs and Bots.
Custom avatars & builds for all your role playing needs.
Scripted and built with care by an RP'er for RP'ers.
Science Fiction & Alien tentacle attachments. Humanoid preservation tanks and Robot Avatars.


I've been building and selling in SL for over 14 years. If your having an issue just contact me and we'll figure it out.
I am a desert hermit so may not be the quickest to reply, but I appreciate your business and will do everything I can to help you as soon as I log into SL.
No copy items are no refund/ no replacement items.
Everything else is set up for free self redelivery.

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