The Arcanum Magic Shop
The Arcanum Magic Shop
販売元: Wyatt Ravenhurst
登録日: 2006/02/15

Arcanum is Second Life's leading producer of magic-related merchandise. Our products allow your avatar to possess a wide array of powerful abilities that you would otherwise be unable to perform.

Products contain different veins of magic such as Witchcraft, Wizardry & Necromancy. We also provide some apparel and accessories to compliment your avatar's new powers.

Since 2006, our mission has been to empower residents with unique products that make Second Life a much more fun and enjoyable experience.


◆ All Sales Final. If you are not satisfied with the product please contact us so we can work to improve your experience.
◆ We cannot not transfer products between alts. Each avatar must purchase a licensed product individually.

• For full documentation of our products, visit

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