Animations Roleplay Shop (ARS)
Animations Roleplay Shop (ARS)
販売元: heatherr Noel
登録日: 2007/04/17

ALL FREE Quality Animations, low priced RP products, poses and more!
Original creator of the FIRST ever in SL "Viewer Savers", released October 2011. Enhance your SL viewer (and have your privacy!) with the first ever line of "Living Scenes Viewer Savers". A must see and own! See them in ARS's "art" category in the Marketplace.

**ARS now specializes in real estate! Check back often for RARE mainland finds FULLY furnished!


No returns for refunds or exchanges on non transferable items. No REdeliveries for "failed deliveries" on Marketplace purchases on "no copy" items unless you have verifiable proof of item not received.


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