A Touch of Magic
A Touch of Magic
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Affordable Quality Item
A Touch of magic is somewhat eclectic designs with a little bit of everything. Home and Garden ,fantasy,funny,Women's fashion,mens fashion,Children’s furniture,beach homes,skyboxes,mesh,sculpt,low prim,,inexpensive,etc.

Magic Man is purely for the SL Male mostly clothing a few gadgets and some furnishings.

I hope you enjoy the store
I use top quality textures,animations,and Mesh builds for my designs. All at reasonable pricing.


If you have an issue please contact me. I am happy to help you resolve any issue you may be having. I take pride in my work. I use only quality items materials to make the items that I build or sell. Please review my product if you are so inclined?
All sales are nonrefundable and final. Moon Magic creations is not responsible for undelivered items.

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