ArtToo's Ink
ArtToo's Ink
販売元: Arthur Wingtips
登録日: 2007/09/24

ArtToo's - Great Ink, simply the technically best Ink!

Our tattoo range has grown and flourished since the beginning; exploring the simple, sweet and innocent, to the intricate, broad and even naughty. One thing that hasn't changed is our attention to detail and quality. We strive for the crisp clean and SEAMLESS tattoo. Just like you would expect in RL .

The new store is being totally updated to be a fun and up to date place to shop and Arthur has lots of ideas for new inks. As ever, the most seamless quality tattoos in SL, as you know, once you see what can be done, you won't want dodgy seams ever again! The new name explains what the store is about to new customers, but rest assured the creator is the same.

Another thing that makes us stand out among the rest: DEMOS!!! Yes, we have DEMOS of all of the tattoos in our MainStore. Grab the landmark, join the group and soar with us! Thank you for being such great supporters!


Redelivery terminal is available at the main store online. Contact Arthur Wingtips by nc for other issues.
Note: As ever happy to work with patient customers in the rare instance of something not right.

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