12-18 LI "Obscure's Cargo Shuttle" non mesh, non sculpt flying spaceship (copy) Version 1.92

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1. Transport spaceship
2. Can carry 3-5 people
3 Side sits with multipose PgUp/PgDwn
4 Opening back door to enter stand
5. Easy controled flying

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This is dollarbie. And comes AS IS, No modifications, no support by creator.

Package content:
- 1 (copy/NO modify/NO transfer) 18 prim orange version;
- 1 (copy/NO modify/NO transfer) 12 LI (prim) green version;
- read me (yours personal license of using).

This item left from my old days as other avatar, that not able to use anymore by only reason of Linden Lab problems.
It was early days of my first experiments with building, influenced by having time with one space theme minded person. So this is result of prim torture. Pretty simple thing. It even has no scripting engine written by me, if that would be now I would wrote one from scratch, but I am not much interested flying vehicles so a reason why script used that days still uses now. It is of popular that days flight engines. Of course carrying about SL lag off health, script were modernized with latest commands added in SL scripting language, replaced some noisy lines with more light but was nothing were removed from it first functionality, but looks like some functionality related to additional modules/scripts that were absent in my package. That is why out of the flight function I have no idea what it also can. Yes there are looks like some weapon scripts, but do not ask me. I have no idea, code is close (no modify) and no documentation. I just left it in case it related to main script working.

But you not interested in it right?

Imagine this is abandoned in space shuttle from first era of space exploration. And you need to discover how it works. Flight of course works, look "How to use".
Hint: In one of the prims (inside shuttle) you shall find a notecard (drag and drop it to inventory to open to read), Described here commands no proven to work, but looks like do something.

Ok, differences of two versions (not only color),

One is 18 prim orange shuttle the same to previous update with the same physics cleared scripts and removed particle effects for less influence on graphic performance. When door is closed it is blocked access from entering or exit out until pilot open a door. Carry 1 pilot and 3 passengers. Wing prim also serves as jumping trampoline, do not wonder if you step there and will be pushed up. Shuttle at first was made for skydiving.

Another - 12 LI (prim) green shuttle, uses another physics model and in all cost (script/rendering/prims/physics)slightly but better then orange (notice it 6 prim less then orange). Some prim shapes were changed so now sits less prim looking. it has nice reflective glass effect cabin (only with Advanced Lighting Model enabled) and now avatars that are not big enough to stay inside will not be pushed out. Price of that when door closed you still can pass by roof or fall through some parts of walls. added two more sitting points so green version carry one pilot and 5 passengers (2 sits multipose animated, 3 default sit animation). This version also removed appendix of weapon scripts that seems no working, at least no one for several years this item no market report me. If you still wondering you have an orange version to explore. Made to be able higher then normal avatars use it. Also you cannot stand inside glass cabin in green version.

How to use:

- Sit as pilot
- Open local chat
- Type "start". Done. Control is standard for any flying vehicle in SL.
-To stop, type "stop" or just stand.

Purchasing this item or accepting it as a gift or any other way you agree with next terms of use:

- You may not export or import content of this package in any form of data to any other person inside or outside SL.
- You have no any customer support on it. item comes as is. No modifications, feature requests, etc.

Have fun flying.
NEKKA (Silk Aeon).

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  • 1. Transport spaceship
  • 2. Can carry 3-5 people
  • 3 Side sits with multipose PgUp/PgDwn
  • 4 Opening back door to enter stand
  • 5. Easy controled flying

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Attractive shuttles

Posted June 19, 2018 by artifactsofmars Omegaman 5 stars

This will work well for me in my next Mars Station episode on Youtube.

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Posted February 12, 2015 by Sagitta77 5 stars

Low Land Impact, looks brilliant, can carry passengers, flies fine, bay door working, sound fits. And all that for 1 Linden? Even if I only use it once for RP this is a fantastic investment.

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