23 prim "Rickshaw Frontier Civilization" public version (copy) Version 2.0

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- full animated rickshaw vehicle
- 2 sit points
- only 23 prims whole drivable set
- custom sculpts, scripts
- driver can chat while moving
- SL eco-friendly, only one 13KB script.

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-----!Rickshaw+ Frontier Civilization (no mod, copy,no transfer)-----

This version is major updated.
Reduced overall number of prims, Replaced old sculpt wheels with new, much more smooth looking.
And script changes greatly. First of all it is now "free for public use" enabled. It means not only owner by everyone can use it.
While everyone can move many sims out of place person "steal" rickshaw. After minute or two vehicle will dissapears if it was left somewhere not at owner of vehicle land. So owner of land can rez as many copies as they want without finding that all vehicles dissapears. Now script more sensitive to control and improved with new commands appears in LSL since rickshaw was released first time.
When you rezzing new copy, cloth of rickshaw auto tints with different color. I made it just for fun, as now rickshaw is public use you can make sort of Racing at any parties you hold. That is what for color difference on rezzing. Color will not changes until you take vehicle in inventory and rez it back.

Yes guy on picture INCLUDED with vehicle. Overal cost is 23 prim.
This is a 2 sits animated vehicle with custom written engine. Made in theme of frontier civilization and safe traveling mainland roads without constant pressing buttons. Idea comes from part 6 upgrade: Frontier Civilization to my schooner 'Clio Tuggava II', but not depends on it and can be used as separate item.
Low lag script I wrote allow you to chat while control this vehicle, and safe cross sims.
It moves not very fast, has 2 speeds forward and 2 back, but it nowhere shows. So you or move or not ).
Yes rickshaw moves his legs while moving and wheels rotate.
First (driver) sit has one static pose, second sit point have static fixed sit point without animation, so yours AO sit could be used.
After sit take a moment (it will check who is sitting and activates engine) and then press FWD or BACK button. LEFT and RIGTH arrows not activates engine, they just serve to turn. So you will not move if will not press FWD or BACK button first.
It scripted for "driver" and passanger. While driver has sit animation, passanger has no. that is why will try to sit as passange error script icon will appears. It is not how influence work of script, It is just a reminding that driver is absent and you sat as passanger. Ignore it if you wanted to sit as passanger. If you was planning to sit as driver, just stand and try again.
(Clicking on any part of vehicle other then roof allow you to sit as driver. Clicking roof without driver will force you sit as passanger. If driver sit, just click any part of vehicle to sit as passanger)

Q: I press buttons but nothing happens,
A: In thinking of ban lines I made a way to allow you move out of them if you stucked in them.. That is why FWD ( 'W') and BACK ( 'E') activates slower and only after pressing one of this button you can move.

Q:Can't climb a hill and rickshaw slides left or right or even back.
A: As in RL there are a surfaces limits to move on them vehicles. Believe me this is a long time tests balanced way of smooth, safe and crossover moving. Not possible to make it climb big hills without adding more lines in script that I were trying to keep as less code as possible.

Q:His legs moving while I am siting but not moving anywhere.
A: Again balance of making less lag script that will less influence the sim lags.

Q:Icon with notecard appears above the sit.
A:Don't care, it means owner do not sit first but allow another one person to sit. Can happens if you transfer item someone and that someone sit not on driver sit as it checks owner after rezzing. Influence on nothing.

- 50 $L mod/copy/no transfer version on market.
-1 $L no mod/no copy/transfer version on market.

Apologizes for my English,
Nekka (Silk Aeon)



  • - full animated rickshaw vehicle
  • - 2 sit points
  • - only 23 prims whole drivable set
  • - custom sculpts, scripts.
  • - driver can chat while moving

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NEKKA too amazing

Posted May 16, 2015 by iamyourneighbour 5 stars

Just too amazing for the cost!

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Posted March 05, 2013 by gerbilwatcher Xue 5 stars

OMG this is so GREAT !! thank you for all of your hard work you put in to this ,, such a fun item ,, everyone GET this!!
Sincerly G

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