3 prim "Underwater Stones w Plants & Random Fishes" scripted, fit smallest & big parcels, any texture (mod, copy) Version 1.5

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It is FINAL product, textured, not full perm item.

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Package includes:
- 1 (mod/copy/NO transfer) 3 prim sculpt underwater set with shaking plants and particles random fishes, random texture store on rez (9x9m);
- 1 (mod/copy/NO transfer) 3 prim sculpt underwater set with shaking plants and particles random fishes big (48x48m)
- 1 (mod/copy/NO transfer) 5LI prim sculpt underwater set with shaking plants and particles random fishes, ground support, alpha masking and material effects (50x50m);
- bonus (mod/copy/NO transfer) 2 prim animated fishes with additional fish particles;
- bonus (mod/copy/NO transfer) 2 LI animated underwater caustics animation;
- read me (copy of this description).

How to use:
- Rez it;

To operate fishes:
- Click WHITE PLANT to raise dialog to make fish particles;
- Click ON button;
- It already works, give few seconds to see all fish density. If you satisfy with results click close button.

It is what you see on picture is 3 prim. Great for covering empty spaces underwater with taking only 3 prims from land. (Will be much better to see that instead of empty space when parcels on sell).
Default size is 8 x 8 meters, so will suit even 64 sq.m. But you can resize it bigger or smaller to suit yours parcel. Resizing of whole structure not scripted you need to do this standard way of resizing any prim in Second Life.
Underwater set already has bubble particles and very low underwater bubbling sound, it works right after rezzing.
If you look closer you will see that plants are shaking to make illusion of slow motion underwater.

Plants compatible with regular plants textures, stones as well.
All sculpts made by me, can be found separately selling in my store. Script written by me for this item, it is very few lines, uses optimizations so will be not source of lag.

Update: Inside you ll find 3 prim big version 48x48m of plants w stone, it uses another 3D models for plants so it cover big sizes with pretty effective density.
As well inside 5LI version. 5LI usually means it is mesh, but no, it is absolutely same sculpture prims, used in 3 prim big version, but with 2 additional important differences. It uses alpha masking. Means you never met well known alpha bug, so every single part of plants looks pretty solid. Second it uses additional material textures to give more volume look. Included support prim (not required, you can rez it directly, but why not?). Can be seen only if Advanced Light Model enabled in yours graphics settings,
Both versions 3 prim big and 5 LI have multiply faces stones, but I would not be so excited about it. It is accidently satisfactory result of multiface sculpting, Just give you extra option if you wanna use yours own textures on it.

All prims are modify (scripts are not), so you can apply any texture you have, not required any special. Of course plants requires plant image texture with transparent background.
You can resize any prim to any size without fear of increasing prim cost. As well rotation of prims and mirroring sculpt maps in edit tab of link gives you more option of having more random looking if you going to use several this linksets in one place, so unlike many other models each of them looks not like cloned. It requires only basic building skills and carefull exploring options in edit mode of yours prims.

- Fish can move opposite direction this cannot be controlled, it is limitation of SL particle system, side effect of randomising movement;
- Fishes choose random from script values, and cannot be selectable (16 ones).
- Script inside is no modify that is why it may show you no modify permission in inventory. It is how SL shows complex permissions of object, in fact item is modify and copy right after rezzing. Ready to any resizing, re-texturing and other actions you can do with prims in SL;
- If you happens not see fishes. that means sim around already uses many particles and yours viewer setting lower then overall particles around, Increase this in yours graphics settings. Friendly remind, particles one of the biggest lag sources in SL. for certain viewers with weak of graphic cards can even be effect of crash.
- All textures are property of their creators, and not objects of selling.

Yours personal license allows:
- Use this item inside SL.
- To have limited support only for non modified object (resizing is okay). If you made any changes other then by script inside please refer to wiki.secondlife.com site to find a solution for an issue if you ll met it, ask yours more experienced friend on how to, or join any free building group in SL.

Wish you great diving.
NEKKA (Silk Aeon)



  • - precision shape, no flickering or broken angles;
  • - LOD friendly, no distortion at distance;
  • - any regular texture compatible, no need special textures;
  • - low lag scripted, regulates fish density and radius;

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Posted January 23, 2020 by AgnesApnea 5 stars

highly recommended has a nice glow to it also. can unlink plants and rocks and scatter them around. i really like being able to control the radius of the fish. this is a useful item for an aquarium or the ocean and well worth it!

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thank you :)

Posted March 09, 2019 by Aayja 5 stars


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