32 prim "Diligence w Animated Horses" scripted vehicle (copy) Version 1.98

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- SL eco friendly (low lag)
- 32 prims smooth moving without need to press buttons constantly
- Visual sound effects, animated horses,
- Multipose system for passengers
- Safe cross sims.
(pictures are direct screen-shots from in-world. No any filters used)

Package includes:
- diligence with horses (mod, copy, no transfer);
- 1 read me.

- 7 my custom maps for diligence;
- 10 premade sculpts for every horse. Model rebuild updated and animated from the one in Lindens Library;
- 31 sculpt maps using;
- 1 regular invisible prim;
- all scripts custom written by me, They are low lag and SL -eco friendly. All uses mono compilation so if there are more then one same script uses in object it counts as one.
- 2 engine scripts (1 for moving, 1 for animation moving);
- 3 multi-pose sitting scripts with few animations on them.
- used prefab sounds and animations.

This built in era of dominating sculpts for vehicles to get in limitation of 32 prims (before user mesh existed). By modern standard it may look outdated, but its exactly what you see on screenshots, taken in SL on ultra graphics with no editing (other then crop).

I write this warning as get a review, now removed by LL, that this looks antique (yet removed for different reason). Not sure why seeing in product decription sculpts not ring any bells that, it MAY BE (yet sculpts itself still very usefull in specific cases), or even more obvious from pictures that it WILL look outdated? As I mentioned in answer to that review, we, creators who is with SL for long time have no time expiration notification that our products visually outdated and not meet customers dream expectation standards. We just love all our children (builds), we gave them life, and since given them last polish we left for yours judgement to see what can be built in Second Life. If you like - take a joy of having it, if dislike look for alternate here on market from different brand.

With mesh there are way better visualy horses and pretty sure diligences exist, maybe way worse from tech side build (poor LOD models, physics, unbalanced details that good creator would replace with materials volumisation of flat textures), but it sure will be more impressive. With new physics came with mesh even everyone can make any complex LI cost mesh to be built in 32prims (yet it may cost you way more in land impact), SL is way more forgiving nowadays, taking fault of allowing unlimit complexity use meshes so utilise way more powerfull machines to run it. But why need to buy something you do not like from begining, puzzles me.

Why do leave this in product line, as were said, love all my children, and it was real achievement for that time, and I am still proud of it, still loves my scripting engine, still loves effects, with ultra graphics even my ancient computer can run SL, in general line of builds when traveling around SL, still fits nice.

How to:
- No need constantly press button to move (only if you turn). Enough one time to press forward and it moves forward, one more time pressing raises a speed. There are 4 'speed' forward and 2 backward. No indication for it. But when you achieve maximum speed you will hear horses start snort. The same to backward.
- It always trying to follow flat surface so do not wonder yours diligence trying to move side from any hill or pit. SO it is good for traveling mainlands roads but need an "eye" at crossroads.
- To drive just click and sit any part of object exclude horses spines and diligence sitter inside.
- So named parts used for passengers. Overall is three. If someone unwelcome sit you can click one of this named parts above you see semitransparent name of sitter and they will kick out.
- I leaving you modify permission to allow you add more sit points, animations, change textures and so on.
- Horses start moving legs on yours sit. You can start moving by pressing FWD (or W) button. Wheels starts moving little bit later, this made to reduce possible lags any vehicle can bring.
- To switch on night light (glow currently) just click windows.
- To hides inside just click an empty space where window at door must be. Curtain will covers all windows,
- Clicking curtains and windows gives you effect of night lighting.
- To open doors, just click them. To close. Click again.

Bon Voyage,
NEKKA (Silk Aeon)



  • - SL eco friendly (low lag)
  • - 32 prims smooth moving without need to press buttons constantly
  • - Visual sound effects, animated horses,
  • - Multipose system for passangers
  • - Safe cross sims.

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full star full star full star full star full star Posted April 27, 2014 by Robbin Juliesse

this is a really amazing product!!!
I <3 it!!! it's looks amazing and runs great!!
The price is unbeatable :)
tyvm for this awesome carraige :)

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Whoa Nelly!
full star full star full star full star full star Posted January 15, 2012 by Subversive Vavoom

This is really cool, great job!

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