3LI "Hunter Living House w Door, Fireplace" for very small parcels, ANY texture, scripted (mod, copy) Version 2.4s

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Thank you for yours carefully reading notecard and yours personal license of using.
This is FINAL PRODUCT, it is textured, scripted and animated, if you were seeking sculpt maps, look in building section of my store.

Package includes:
- 4 (mod/copy/NO transfer) 3 LI stone house with working door, physics and fire;
- read me;

Updated door scripts.

This is ultra low prim house for small parcels (64 sq.m minimum). It made in comparing to normal human height. It takes only 3 prim from yours land without any temp rezzers, it has smooth animated working door with sound (no locks!), fireplace flame working on touch, glass in windows. and it has physics shapes allows to stay inside. There are two floors, Second floor is under roof without any entrance, use any simple teleport system or just use double click teleport built in many viewers.
It contains two scripts, both written by me and low pollution of SL eco system. Scripts working only on touch, no collides, no listening channels, no remote controls. Easy as egg.
Full house can be resizable, Default it is around 8x8x8 meters. You can see my normal human 1.86cm looking in to window of this house. This way you can understand a default size.
House built of mesh and sculpts. This combination give variation of low cost in LI. Evey mesh built by me with custom Level Of Details for each stage of distance, as well there are custom physics on each mesh.

House comes modify (scripts not modify sorry). It does not uses any special premade textures, no need any UV, backing etc textures, While it already textured you may use ANY texture from inventory to customize it to own taste. You just need basic building knowledge of applying texture on selected face, Please consult yours more experienced friends for this or look at youtube.
List of faces you can apply ANY separate texture:
- 1 texture for roof (external both sides);
- 1 texture for all next = house panels, house external and internal walls, windows frames, house support plants, fireplace, door frame, basement, yes. sorry it is all one face,
- 1 texture for windows glass. All 3 external sides, and 1 texture for all internal sides;
- 1 texture for house inner first floor;
- 1 texture for house inner ceiling and second floor;
- fireplace inner, mostly each side is separate texture, test it;
- fireplace charcoal;
- door 4 textures.

Use Instructions:
Find a place minimum 64 sq.m parcel with square sides 8 x 8, Rez. Use.
Touch fireplace to turn on/off fire with cracking sound;
Touch door for open/close (it autocloses self);

- House contains mesh and multiface sculpts. Resizing, changing shape or physics model can and will increase number of prims taken from land. There are nothing specific to current item, it is how SL works. Please be sure you understand what you doing. If you need Gulliver house to be lilliputian you may request from me version with sculpt door, that will take much less prims in size of 64x64x64. Mesh version is 21 prim in 64x64x64, But as I am doubt anyone would like Gulliver house as it requires huge parcel and all objects will be disproportional big, for now there are no need to place such version inside package;
- There are no support for customization, sorry, It requires basic buildings skills that far better explained in numerous youtube videos about, There are free building groups inside SL that much better use English. One of such groups is biggest community Builders Brewery. Feel free to join and take free lessons.
- There are no any privacy controls in house, It is useless to add such things in prims as in SL you can legally pass any door or wall as well as use cam to distance view, Please use yours parcel settings to set a privacy, or purchase so named "Security orb" that will control area of yours parcel scanning for intruders and push them home if they not in welcome lists. Market has many stores specialise on such things.

Current item is compilation of full perm items can be purchased in my store. All builders who purchased earlier full perm version of hunter hours sculpt map, may request for redelivery update version, Now with separate simple physics model mesh that uses in this house.

Wish nice Second Life.
yours NEKKA (Silk Aeon)



  • - ultra low house for small parcels (no less then 64sq.m 8x8);
  • - custom build mesh and sculpt with good level of details;
  • - custom written low polute SL ecosystem scripts;
  • - no need any support prims, all included in 3 prims;
  • - no any temp rezzers.

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So many houses for low cost
full star full star full star full star full star Posted December 17, 2018 by BrianTopp

Looks great. Thank you

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I love the house
full star full star full star full star full star Posted December 12, 2017 by yyvonny Wylder

I have set two on one of my places , it's very cosy with the fire
Thank you Silk Aeon

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