<A-T> Somua S35

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3D Mesh Artist: RyokoTensaki
Texture Artist: Infinite Rage
Scripting: Joe Sparrow & RyokoTensaki
Sounds: Obany Wardark & Tsume Xiao


<A-T> & <C7-K> Somua S35 v1.0
<A-T> & <C7-K> S35 (Display) v1.0
<A-T> & <C7-K> S35 (Vice Target) v1.0
Somua S35 Destroyed

<A-T> Gunsight/Reload v2.2
<A-T> Universal Tank Hud v2.2
[K-S] Binoculars v1.1

==========SOMUA S35 Specifications==========

Full Name: Société d'Outillage Mécanique et d'Usinage d'Artillerie Modèle 1935
Country of Origin: France

Sensor: THA
HP: 235
Cannon Shell Type: CMB
Coaxial Machine Gun: SMG

===Other Features===
-Separate Driver position. See the "Crew Positions" section for more detail.
-Opening commander hatch
-Optional paints
-Tow cable system

==========Crew Members==========
-When being operated by a single avatar, the user functions as driver and gunner. However, various functions can be split when the tank if partially or fully crewed.
-The owner, or the first avatar to enter the tank when using Guest Mode, will always be the commander and control the primary weapons.

When another avatar enters the driver position, a dialog menu will appear asking the commander if the new avatar is allowed to be the driver
-Clicking "Yes" will allow the new avatar to take controls for driving the vehicle
-Clicking "No" or allowing the menu to time-out will eject the avatar from the vehicle

==========Controls & Commands==========

=====Driver Controls====

Arrow Keys / WASD: Drives the tank

Page Up / E: Gear Selector
"Gear Drive" sets the transmission to the default gear. This is where the vehicle will reach its top speed
"Gear Torque" sets the transmission to a high-torque mode. This restricts the vehicle's speed, but increases climbing power.

=====Turret Controls=====

-The main turret rotates based mouselook. Simply aim at the target and the turret and gun will follow.

Left Mouse Button: Fires the primary weapon
Page Down / C: Fires the coaxial gun.

-Clicking the tank will bring up a menu

Paint: Brings up a sub-menu for selecting various preloaded paints
Guest: Toggles Guest Mode. When activated, guest mode allows others to command the vehicle
Tow Cable: Brings up a sub-menu to control the function of the tow cable
Text: Toggles the text over the engine. This text shows the vehicle name, fuel, and crew.

=====Chat Commands====
"s": Engine On/Off
"refuel": Refuels the vehicle. Engine must be off.
"h": Opens/closes the commander's hatch

"vice on": Activates VICE
"vice off": Deactivates VICE
"team#": Sets the vehicle to VICE Team to 1, 2, 3, or 4

"ap": Loads armor-piercing shells
"he": Loads high-explosive shells


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