A&A HUD Treasure Quest Building Kit, full permission

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Dear customer!

Thank you for your interest in the A&A HUD Treasure Quest.

This set contains:
- Chest (mesh), with sample prize (plywood cube)
- 4x Clue pics
- Mesh dagger
- Dirt Layer cut out
- Door with open/close script, reacting to one of the included keys
- Gold Key for the chest
- Large Key for the door
- Magnifying Glass (cut out)
- 4x Map pieces, to use with your own landmarks
- Mesh Spade for digging the dirt layer and finding flint
- Start Paper (to put the HUD into)
- Mesh Torch
- Sample Darkness Prim with respective script inside (can be used in any item, and is included in the chest key and chest as well in the current set up)

All components come with full permission, so you can change them as you see fit. If you set up the hunt with other people, please make sure to make scripts no mod and either no copy or no transfer for next owner. Mesh and prim pieces should be made no transfer or no copy for next owner, before giving to anyone else.
The whole set is not to be given away or sold as is.
The hunt HUD script should be made no mod & no copy for next owner,
the hud itself should be made no modify & no transfer for next owner.

- This set is mainly for people who want to set up a treasure quest with included items with THEIR OWN prize as a gift in the end. Can be anything you want.
- HUD keeps track of items the hunter found if he wears it
- some items need to or can be clicked on the HUD to activate and use them (by the hunter)
- you can chose "prerequired" items for most items, so that for example the door can only be opened when the hunter found the right key, the chest can only be opened when the respective key is found, and the torch only lights the "dark" scripted items once it is lit.
- All changes need to be done by editing and inside the script,
so best you know a small bit building and scripting before changing anything.
- scripts are documented enough to be able to use them
- if you want any other features, please ask Alice Klinger if this is possible with this set, before buying. We do not refund this set as it comes full permission. You can ask questions anytime though.

Now how to get started with your own treasure hunt?
1. Best you check out the sample set up inworld.
to get an idea how each item is used.
2. Keep the delivery box! It is your back up, in case anything goes wrong while editing.
3. Once you got an idea how each item in your set is used in the sample quest, rez your own items out and start setting them up, changing permissions, etc.
4. Open the HUD to replace the landmarks with your own.
5. Open t he HUD and the script inside, to make changes to the texts.
There are texts that are said in chat when an item or HUD slot is clicked.
6. Open the items one by one, and change the text they should say to the hunter (if you want to customize your hunt)
7. Put the ready set HUD in the start prim.
8. Do a test walk and see if all works as it should.
9. If you get stuck at any step, please give as much detail as possible in a notecard to Alice Klinger to get help with it. I rather want you asking once too much than too less. Your treasure hunt to be fun and successful is what I want, so do not hesitate to ask. Best in text as I do not use voice.

Questions? Suggestions? Need help customizing? - > ask Alice Klinger !

Have fun :-)

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