{ACD} Perfectly Innocent Baby Girl Blocks PG

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*These blocks are built to scale, they are NOT huge at all.*
I cannot stress enough how important it is to come inworld to see or try demo's to make sure you know exactly what you're getting. There are teleport pads located on the ground in every area of the store to help you get around quickly. Just sit & choose location from drop down menu. Link to store is down below.

Experience Enabled
81 Total Animations In Set.
Come see it inworld. To get around just use the butterflies to teleport to the different area's.

Blocks: 6 LI (props can add an additional 7 LI when rezzed)
23 Solo female
47 Cuddles
4 Dances

Time Out Block: 2 LI
Time Out Teddy Bear: 6 LI
7 Time Out animations
I threw these in so you can place them near a room corner for when your babygirl has been naughty and needs a time out.

I added a small teddy bear (left and right holds) you can wear. There are adult and Toddleedoo baby avi fits included, but since they are Copy/Mod you can size them to fit most avatars.
Some AO's/Animations may override the hold animation if they are a higher priority, so please keep this in mind.

*I added a tintable version of the blocks and the time out block. You can go into edit, use select face and select either the back, trim or letter and pick any color you like from the SL color picker. I thought it would give you guys more options to mix and match. Please note that the tintable versions are plain white shadowed textures, there is no wood texture on them.

*Prop Textures: Teddy bear has 5 textures, cell phone has 2 textures and the pillow has 4 textures.

*Please note, this item does NOT have facial expressions, sounds or RLV!

You can earn 3% store credit towards future purchases if you buy inworld while wearing your group tag!!! Credit terminal & redelivery terminals are located on the wall behind desk in store lobby. See my profile picks for more info!

*The item(s) is experience enabled, see accompanying note card for instructions. Basically, in this case a prop from a piece of furniture will be able to automatically attach to you, but only if YOU agree to it & it only takes allowing it once, it helps make things more immersive. See accompanying note card for instructions on how to set it up.

*This item(s) uses the materials feature. You need to enable Local Lights & the Advanced Lighting Model in your SL graphics settings & have a light source nearby like a lamp or fire that throws off light. Please make sure to enable those settings, if you don't & the item doesn't look like the photo's it's because of that, not because of a problem with the item(s). Items can be seen & tested in world.

*Changing the size of mesh can change the land impact count & will also mess up animation positions. Female sits first, just right click and sit.

Anam Cara Designs Store Info
* All purchases are final, so please go inworld & try out the items first.
* If you have an issue with a purchase, please, let me know so I can try & fix the problem. Send an IM & a note card, make sure to add your transaction details & a brief description of the problem to both. Give 24 hours for a response please.
* If you leave a bad review without even contacting me about a problem and/or you are disrespectful or unkind, you could end up being muted. I will go out of my way to help people that give me the chance to help, but I won't take abuse from anyone anymore.
* All props that rezz from the furniture are NO MOD & have a kill script in them. That means they can't be used away from the item they rezz from or they will disappear.
* Refunds are given on accidental double purchases only.
* All {ACD} products are Copy/Mod unless otherwise stated. If it shows as No Mod it is due to the animations, scripts & props being No Mod. You can still Modify the object itself.
* Items are sold only with the permissions stated.
* Prices go by the complexity of work involved & how much it cost to create, not by number of pieces.
* I don't transfer products to alts or give out or sell textures, animations or any other items I use to build with.
*Make sure you have local lights & advanced lighting model enabled in your SL graphics to see items properly.
*I count couples animations as 1 animation, not two.
*Female(s) wear Maitreya mesh body, Male wears Slink mesh body.
*Almost all animations are priority 4.
*Animations can only be controlled by those sitting.
* I'm sorry, but, I don't have time for custom orders. Suggestions are welcome though, just drop me a note card.

See you on the grid,

Stormm Firecaster

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