AKK MESH Riding Horse Chrome Chestnut

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AKK Horse Ranch owners Kristivon Kolache and Spritely Pixel have spent 12 years Creating Quality animated riding horses for second life.
We are pleased to present the first AKK Mesh horses to the public.
This is the QTR pleasure riding horse, 95% mesh, with prim flexi mane and tail.

No Food, medication, or other after sales items are ever required.
They can remain safely in your inventory and never 'die'.
Re-sizable for Nano, Micro, Pocket, Petite, Child, standard, and extra large avatars.

If you have a very high complex avatar, please test the ranch demo to be sure others can see you when you wear a mesh horse.

A free demo horse is available for at the AKK Horse Ranch in SL for testing, and can be taken elsewhere for field testing.
A touch menu allows size and height adjustments, multiple options for adding and removing tack, posing for pictures, waving to a crowd, patting your horses neck, Changing eye colors, and more.
You can create multiple copies with a variety of names sizes and costumes.

Sim-Saver Scripts by Spritely Pixel keeps scripts and sim resource usage so low that your horse will never be the one in the group causing sim problems

Copy-Modify, you can purchase or create accessories to fit the roles you play.
The heads remain stable, only two positions, so that you can build custom items for them, and sell the fitted items to others as mod copy. Only the scripts are no mod.

They are worn, so land impact is Zero.
A static un-scripted Mesh Display horse of 11 prims for a total of 25 LI is included for field or barn display

Riding Horses included are saddled and bridled as English, Western, and Bareback. Poses are the same for all. Snap-Tack Side Saddles are sold separately at the ranch.

Can be ridden, or lead, so that it follows or walks beside you.
Has an optional Race mode for an additional but controllable high speed boost.
Fight Mode allows for jousting and other horse back themed weaponry.

These horse are AKK Snap-Tack enabled, so that adding and removing items such as armor, saddles, manes tails and other accessories designed for them is fast and easy for the novice.

The AKK Double Rider (sold separately) lets a second rider sit in front of or behind the owner, and even let them control the horse if the owner allows them to.

These require any mesh enabled viewer. Try the free demo at the AKK horse ranch, to be sure it is all you want in a riding horse. Due to the nature of copy-Modify items in second life, there are no refunds or exchanges possible.
If rezzing the riding horse on the ground, Prims are only 45, but LI is at least 125, so you may want to work on it at the AKK Horse Ranch, or in a sandbox.

We think the promise of a Lifetime Guarantee of Anything is an empty promise at best, and a creepy come on at it's worst.. Lifetime of what and who? The item? The business name? Seller, buyer or game platform? Does anyone ever say?
We gladly replace lost or owner damaged horses, and have done so for many years. We also keep Very good records, in case you do not. We replace scripts if needed or possible, on those occasions that sl messes things up. We don't make promises or false claims to get customers to buy. 12 years in the same business and business name speaks louder than any other claim can.
Our horses are not allowed outside of sl in any form at this time, though with the advent of a new mesh based version of second life, we hope that they can be in that future.

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  • 12 years of quality creation, scripting, and customer service in SL.
  • Animated from ears to hooves.
  • Mod Copy for easy customization to roleplay
  • Easy to ride, wear from inventory, no land needed.
  • Adjusts from nano micro petite standard or xlarge with a button.

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AKK Horse Ranch
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Sold by: Kristivon Kolache
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