[AQ] Music Pro, Includes HUD, Flatscreen & Laptop, TP Anywhere via Hud /w favorite music!

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= [AQ] Music HUD, TV & Laptop, Product [BOX] v8.5 =

No Need to upload music choose from 100+ million songs for personal listening

IMPORTANT: This system is licensed for personal listening only you can hear music when you TP around SL using the HUD, listening to what you want, not affected by parcel sound and no deeding needed! Uses shared Media! Best of all no need to upload music everything you want is probably there!

AQ Music is a Premium music HUD & TV system for various virtual platforms and real-life personal
listening & enjoyment! Including Second Life & Unreal Engine 5!

First of all, thank you for your purchase & / or Interest in this Music System!

The [AQ] Music Network and in world systems have been a labour of love for the last 4 years.

As a customer I want you to know that, I fully support this system 100% so if you need help getting
set up or getting shared media working with any of the gear in this product all you need to do is send
me a Notecard with your transaction info and I'll be glad to help and troubleshoot if needed.
~Athayus Quan


* [AQ] Music, HUD v8.5 {Wear Me} (MAIN SYSTEM)
* [AQ] Music, Legend Info v8.5 {Wear Me} (Shows info about Icons in Hud)

* [AQ] Music, Laptop v8.5 {w/ Mini Control} - Land Impact 3
* [AQ] Music, Laptop v8.5 {w/ Dark Screen} - Land Impact 3

* [AQ] Music, Flatscreen v8.5 {w/ Dark Screen} - Land Impact 4
* [AQ] Music, Flatscreen v8.5 {w/ Resizer} - Land Impact 4

* [AQ] Music - Setup Notecard (This Info)

This section is for help and information relating to the AQ Music Platform, TV & HUDS.

If you need help with this system feel free to contact Athayus Quan in world with a notecard and transaction information. and I'll be happy to help you get setup if needed, Example getting shared media working in your viewer or basic help with an order or with help gifting this system.


* inSL Shared Media Viewer Required *
* AQ Music HUD, LAPTOP & TV: Are Both Copy
* AQ Music HUD: Right Click to Wear
* AQ Music HUD: Detach & Information
* AQ Music HUD: Link to AQ Social
* Listen Fully without Registering
* AQ Music LAPTOP: is 2 Land Impact
* AQ Music Flatscreen: is 4 Land Impact
* AQ Music Flatscreen: has a Resizer**
* AQ Music Setup Notecard
* AQ Music Landmark
* AQ Music Advanced Searches
* Works Across Parcels & Regions
* Minimize HUD & Keep Listening
* No Deeding Required
* Teleport Anywhere **

* Recommended Firestorm & or Linden Lab Viewer for Shared Media use.

** Regions require scripts to be turned on for Hud and or Flatscreen scripts
to use minimize and resize functions.


Shared Media
Full Web Features - Optional if Registered

* Create Embedded Playlists (Bloggers)
* 99+ Million Songs For Personal Listening
* Musician Discographies & Similar Artists
* Follow Friends who are Registered
* Register Free Account (Optional)
* Create Collaborative Playlists
* Browser & Mobile Friendly
* Real Time Playlist Sorting
* Create Shared Playlists
* Create Private Playlists
* Create Avatar Profiles
* Create Public Playlists
* AD Free Music Videos
* 100% Supported, Need help ask!


Please note: when you buy this system you are buying the HUD, Flatscreen & Laptop Systems for use in world (Second Life) use and not paying for the music which you can freely listen to for personal use not broadcasting. All music on the AQ Music Network website is correctly licensed. We also have a backstage system for virtual music artists that would like to be added to the AQ Music Network TBA!

The AQ Music Network website, mesh & data center created and built, and support by Athayus Quan


Finally I hope that you love and enjoy this system and services!

Athayus Quan!

= [AQ] Music HUD, Flatscreen & Laptop, Product (Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved) v8.5

See item in Second Life



  • Comes with Virtual Laptop, Flatscreen and TP anywhere HUD!
  • No Deeding Objects required to use!
  • Works in Second Life, RL Wifi & Mobile & Works with out needing to join backend
  • Fully Licensed Media & Songs!
  • Contact Athayus Quan if you need help

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[AQ] Originals
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This item contains wearable items for your avatar.

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