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The Larsson Ultra gives you ultimate choices for the most popular kinds of cargo freight operators are asked to deliver and the best road holding and border crossing of any vehicle.

On October 22, 2020 a buyer messaged me: "I must say your new driving scripts with active steering is awesome on the SL mainland roads. I have G--- scripted vehicles and I--- F--- which I consider the best in SL, but the ease of driving and sim crossing ability of this truck blows them both away at this time."

With its flatbed style all you have to do is touch your the Ultra HUD and smile as before your eyes the truck lets watch as it changes one of the 9 cargo freight loads you need at the moment!

1. ISO Standard Container with touch control doors and cargo items inside, large shipping crate, pallet with four drums of hydraulic oil.

2. ISO Standard Container with hazardous materials signs.

3. Three large and detailed industrial wood crates for international shipping.

4. Covered dry bulk agricultural resources.

5. Commercial liquids, with three pallets with containers of soybean oil, olive oil, corn syrup, and palm oil.

6. The widely used vehicle delivery format "Roll On - Roll Off" load with two classic roadsters, one yellow and the other red.

7. Industrial materials, with wood shipping crate, spool of wire, coil of sheet metal, stack of sheet metal, tower section, roofing girder, water pipe section, wood shipping box, and drum of hydraulic oil.

8. Railroad track panels with service crane.

9. Large liquid bulk tank for transporting industrial liquids.

10. And of course the final option is to drive with no load at all.

The Ultra is the one truck that gives you everything! Why not have the ability to change the load on the truck to match up your truck with whatever load you need to carry at the moment?

This truck has been very popular for a long time. Inside the box is Version 9.6 which is ready to go and fully loaded with the newest 2021 GTFO! v1.9.0a.

The GTFO! VAPI code for this truck is: LLULTRA. The VAPI and API are already loaded inside so you are good to go right out of the box. The ratings are: Larsson Ultra Truck | Capacity: 6 Heavy Crates (1,800 FU) | Overhead: G$80 per kilometer.

This is a 143 prim-equivalent vehicle and I have carefully adjusted the physics so it is a great driver and you can take a passenger along. Because of the advanced scripting and detailed load features this truck is sold as copy only.

Road speed is controlled with a 10-speed transmission (gear speed) so you can can choose to travel at slower speeds near freight ramps and move quickly up to reasonable speeds according to road conditions. Use the on-screen motion controls jump up and crouch down to change gear speed, or use keyboard page up/down arrows also. Key "low" or "normal" or "high" in chat to set reverse speed. A message in chat confirms each change in gear selection.

You will love Larsson "Active Steering." My carefully tested algorithm adjusts the handling of the truck to the speed you have selected. When you change gear speeds this truck accurately tells you (1) the gear speed, (2) the m/s power, and (3) my coefficient for active steering.

When you sit you see a standard view behind the truck. To select more interesting and useful views key "v1" for a view just behind the truck, "v2" for a very useful forward just above the cab and "v3" for the driver's view of the road ahead.

As the driver sits you will hear the engine start-up and then being to idle and you are ready to go. You will also see the engine exhaust begin and end automatically as the driver is seated and stands.

I made the driver animation for this truck and passenger seat includes an animation that changes position from leaning back with hands behind head, moving to arms folded, the moving to arms in lap all the while looking from side to side. You can also stand on the left running board holding on and looking to the front to inspect the engine. The cab doors open and close on touch as well as the engine hood. Touch above back bumper for loading ramps.

The headlights work with advanced lighting. Be sure to activate advanced lighting in your viewer graphics preferences tab to use. The headlights are controlled by a dashboard button (yellow) that makes an electronic sound when you touch it. Also on the dashboard are controls for front parking lights (blue) and rear parking lights (white).

Touch the back bumper for "beep beep" delivery horn or key "b" in chat. Touch the front hood to open it and then touch the engine to have the resize menu appear on your viewer screen.

This vehicle contains my resizing script so you can easily adjust the size of the vehicle to your liking. Just touch it for the resize menu. I set up the seating position for ideal positioning. Feel free to contact me if you need your seating position adjusted or would like your own name on the cab doors. I will be happy to do this for you.

Thanks and stay safe!


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  • HUD control to select nine different cargo loads options
  • Exclusive Larsson "Active Steering" for superior road handling
  • Original scripting not available from others including touch to resize
  • Four engine sounds: drive forward, idle, reverse and start
  • Four engine sounds: drive forward, idle, reverse and start

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